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Holiday Planning 2021: Setting Your Partnership Program Up for Success

Oct 21, 2021

Senior Director, Managed Services

Here we sit: It’s nearing the end of October and marketers—along with their partnership program support systems—are well into planning and executing strategies for holiday shopping season 2021. And make no mistake, there is a great deal of thought and consideration that goes into successful partnership program planning and execution. In case you missed it, at the beginning of this month, we hosted a holiday planning webinar filled with practical tips on how to make the most of your partnership program during—what continues to be—a truly unique time.


Yet despite all the unpredictability of the past 20+ months, marketers have patiently waited for the bounty these next few months will bring. And if recent projections are correct, as seen with Deloitte’s prediction that even in the current climate, holiday spending is set to increase up to 9%, marketers need to be prepared. From factors including continued delays in shipping, to an increase in holiday travel, to more than three in five shoppers citing that they already have or plan to purchase their holiday gifts online, post-peak-pandemic holiday 2021 shopping season is sure to bring shifts and surprises. You will need to stay in front of these shifts to understand exactly who your consumer is this holiday season and which program tactics are best for you when it comes to amplifying your brand messaging and products.


So, in an effort to assist in the endeavor to create a successful 2021 holiday shopping season, we bring you targeted tips and insights on an array of topics including key holiday shopping dates, program and partner auditing, advanced planning, tasks, and of course, optimization tactics. Download our Holiday Planning 2021 eBook and get your partnership program primed for success!

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