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Hassle-Free Way to Bonus Your Partners

Dec 23, 2021

Product Marketing Manager

In a recent study, Deloitte predicted that e-commerce holiday shopping spend will grow by up to 15%, reaching $218 billion.


With more consumers turning to online shopping than ever before, ensuring that your partners are rewarded equitably and in a timely manner is critical. Partnerize makes deploying increased commission rates, payments for prominent media placements or bonuses for reaching goal thresholds simple and hassle free with bonus payments tool integrated directly in the platform.


The bonus tool is used to remit flat-fee bonus payments to partners within the platform. Bonus payments can be a one-time payment or spread across an allocated date range in intervals. You can also label bonus payments as a specific type, allowing for ease of future invoicing.


To allocate a bonus, click the Partners tab on the platform’s main menu: 

  • Select or search for the partner you would like to assign the bonus to, by using the Filter column on the left of the page 
  • Check the tick-box next to the partner’s username
  • From the Actions dropdown (located in the top right of the page), select Set Bonus to open the set bonus pop up window


The ‘Set Bonus’ window lists a number of fields related to your bonus payment. Partner commission must be entered and the other fields are marked as optional, but are valuable for future reference and simplified identification of historical bonus payments. In this window, you can schedule the bonus as a one-off payment, or have it spread over a date interval of your choice.


Integrated Bonus Payment Features

With Partnerize, marketers can leverage various bonus payment features to deploy partner rewards in their desired currency:


‘One-Off’ Bonus Payments

Brands can award one-off bonus payments immediately or in advance by entering a start date. If the end date and Interval fields are blank, the bonus will be awarded as a single payment. If a date in the future is entered, the conversion will be visible on your reporting for that date, but will not be visible to the partner until then.


‘Spreadable’ Bonus Payments

A spreadable bonus enables brands to input a bonus amount and automate deployment of portions of the total amount over time. The intervals work from the bonus start date of the conversion and distributes payments evenly until the end date.


  • Start date: The date at which the bonus should start 
  • End date: The date at which the bonus should end
  • Interval: The period at which to break up the bonus (Intervals available are day, week, month, year)


Leveraging spreadable bonuses allows for more accurate reporting throughout the designated time period rather than one-off payments, as well as a focused budgeting strategy. The intervals work from the bonus start date of the conversion and break the payments up evenly until the end date. 


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