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Google Chrome Extends Cookie Deprecation Deadline. What Does This Mean for You?

Apr 24, 2024

Director of Product Marketing

Good news for performance marketers that have yet to future-proof their tracking: Google Chrome has, once again, extended its timeline for third-party cookie deprecation to 2025. Despite drawing multiple cookie-based tracking lines in the sand over the past several years, Google announced on Tuesday that they will further delay cookie deprecation until next year due to significant considerations surrounding industry tests and feedback. No specific date was shared as a part of their announcement, however, it’s important to emphasize that while yet another delay might be tempting to put tracking updates on the back burner, now more than ever is the time to take action. In short, while the deadline may have shifted, the importance of getting your tracking in order remains unchanged. By proactively updating your tracking mechanisms, you can future-proof your digital marketing strategies and ensure continued effectiveness in targeting and measurement. It’s far better to seize the opportunity to enhance your tracking capabilities now to stay ahead of the curve.


While Google Chrome has extended their plans for third-party cookie deprecation, Safari and Firefox have already released cookie-blocking technology that targets both third-party cookies and, more recently, first-party cookies. Therefore, tracking is at risk for marketers that rely on cookies. Ensure persistent, accurate affiliate tracking that supports sound data-driven decisioning by: 


  • Staying educated. As Chrome continues to shift dates for cookie deprecation, ensure that you are staying in-the-know on deadlines. Additionally, maintain working knowledge on the subject of cookie deprecation to ensure that your partnerships channel tracking remains consistent and accurate–the foundation of mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Communicating with your team. Keep your tech team in the loop regarding the best tracking solution for your business. They’ll be a key component in making sure that your tracking is providing accurate data and that you are rewarding your partners appropriately.
  • Updating your tracking infrastructure. Know what your tracking type is as well as the necessary steps to ensure consistent tracking as browser changes continue to evolve.


Learn more about cookie deprecation and how you can future-proof your tracking by checking out Preparing for a Cookieless Future, Partnerize’s hub for ensuring accurate, persistent performance tracking. Or, download Partnerize Tracking Solutions for a guide on choosing the best future-proofed tracking solution for your business.

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