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Exciting New Partnerize Features for Advertisers and Partners

Apr 03, 2019

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We are pleased to announce the launch of several great new product features. Our Product Team takes customer feedback to heart, and many new features are influenced by users. Also, as always, our team is also highly focused on usability when rolling out these new features.

1) Commission Tiers
While standard commissioning allows advertisers to award a flat fee or percentage for a sale, Commission Tiers allows them to create tiered incentive models for partners. The more business a partner drives, the greater their rewards. This feature makes it easy for advertisers to create tiered programs that:

  • Measure value or volume of sales
  • Reward using fixed CPA, % CPA, or a flat bonus based on value or volume of sales
  • Apply to an entire campaign or even an individual partner 


2) Comparison Reporting
This new feature of our robust reporting suite empowers advertisers to quickly see the relative performance for a program for any two time periods. This highly flexible tool includes these key features:

  • Compare 4 key metrics: Conversions, clicks, order value, or commission.
  • Top 5 partners in each period: See the top 5 performing partners in each date range.
  • Custom date ranges: Compare custom date ranges against each other, such as Black Friday 2017 vs. Black Friday 2018 or even year-over-year.


3) Guided Partner On-Boarding 
We have been working hard to improve the experience for partners on our platform. With this new feature, when a partner signs up to an advertiser’s program, they will be guided through a simple on-boarding process in the Partnerize user interface, ensuring they enter all the required information and can start working on campaigns. 


4) Simplified Partner Tracking
To make it easier for partners to get their tracking links for each campaign, we’ve redesigned the experience and added tips and hints for first-time users. We’ve also created a link shortener (coming soon!) that will take a normal Partnerize tracking link and shorten it to make it more user friendly — this will be especially useful for influencers who use our tracking within social media channels.

In case you missed it, we also recently announced our advanced mobile capabilities. In the coming months, we will be rolling out a few more groundbreaking features to help empower brands and partners drive even more incremental value. Watch this space for details!

If you aren’t working with Partnerize and would like to learn more, please request a demo today.

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