While affiliate marketing to drive direct and immediate sales might be the strategy that gets the most buzz, there are several other flavors of partnership marketing available to retailers today that can also drive customer loyalty, brand awareness and a higher customer lifetime value over the long haul. Many merchants are finding success using influencers, bloggers, social media, and other content partners in tandem with affiliate marketing as a share of a well-rounded partnership marketing strategy. Join us on Oct. 12 for our webinar to learn the various methods of channel partnerships that retailers can employ to create a versatile channel partnership program that will drive the highest ROI as well as which partnership metrics marketers should be optimizing to in order to achieve profitable growth.

Attendees will learn tips from partnership automation, software and services leader Partnerize as well as industry experts on how to squeeze the most out of marketing partnerships, and will share tips on how to deploy an end-to-end partnership automation solution and the benefits such a software program can provide.

Any retailer looking to learn more about this thriving marketing strategy and make sure they aren’t leaving dollars on the table won’t want to miss this webinar!