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Evaluate the True Impact of Partnerships in Your Reporting Source of Truth with the Partnerize x Funnel Integration

Apr 02, 2024

Director of Product Marketing

Lack of innovation has forced brands leveraging legacy affiliate providers to evaluate partnership results within the confines of their networks–trapped data that makes validating the true impact of partnerships and making smart spend allocations across the digital mix impossible. That’s why Partnerize prioritizes up-to-date integrations with leading analytics, attribution and data warehouse tools–functionality that enables brands to integrate their partnership program data into their existing data provider. As a result, sophisticated marketers gain the visibility necessary to make data-driven decisions that fuel partnership incrementality and gain a better understanding of the scale it provides. 


To continue to provide brands with the integrations necessary to evaluate their results in their reporting source of truth, Partnerize’s integrated partnership ecosystem has grown to include Funnel, a marketing data hub designed to help marketing teams own their performance, enabling brands to store, organize and share partnership data with any visualization tool or data warehouse. With the clarity and transparency provided by Funnel, marketers are able to connect their partnership data to review results side-by-side with the rest of their digital mix. 


Learn more about implementing the Partnerize x Funnel integration by checking out our quick guide.



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