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[eBook] The Disconnect Between Influencers & Affiliate Marketing

May 16, 2024

Director of Content

Influencers aren’t interested in working with or investing time in affiliate-only partnerships. *That’s the reality according to the findings of a recent research collaboration between market research firm Ipsos and CreatorIQ which surveyed 125+ creators to get to the heart of what they truly want in their partnerships to ultimately identify four critical strategies for nurturing two-way relationships that yield the best long-term results.


With a substantial one-third of influencers’ annual income resulting from their creator work, the truth about how influencers feel about working with affiliate-only opportunities is sobering. Less than a quarter of the creator respondents noted that they’re satisfied with their affiliate programs and less than a quarter are happy with the income they generate from affiliate programs.



Further, when prompted to prioritize what motivates them to work with a particular brand’s affiliate program, the results were undeniable: Influencers care deeply about product quality, brand reputation, and brand authenticity–perhaps even more than they do about earning a quick-hit payday. Bottomline: Long-term earning potential will usually outweigh one-and-done commission.




Want to learn more about some of the biggest reasons behind the absence of a definitive playbook and some key considerations for marketers looking to leverage the combined power of affiliate marketing and influencers inside the affiliate/partnership channel? Download our eBook The Disconnect Between Influencers & Affiliate Marketing today! 

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