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[Ebook] Influencers, Make the Partnership Channel Your Newest Revenue Stream

Dec 13, 2021

Product Marketing Manager

Influencers are an essential component of a diversified partner program, enabling brands to expand their reach and tap into engaged, high-intent audiences. However, partnership channel benefits are not limited to brands. Innovative software enables influencers to be rewarded for the value they provide, ultimately creating a new revenue stream and enabling them to tap into their share of the industry’s $7B+ in sales and $600M+ in annual commissions. 


With Partnerize, influencers are able to automate traditionally manual tasks associated with finding and collaborating with the right brands. Further, the platform ensures that influencers are rewarded equitably for the value they provide to a transaction. Unlike legacy affiliate network functionality, Partnerize enables brands to reward beyond the traditional last-click model with dynamic commissioning structures innovation that supports mutually beneficial relationships. 


Download Partnerize’s comprehensive ebook,  Influencers, Make The Partner Channel Your Newest Revenue Stream In 7 Easy Steps, to learn more about getting started in the partnership channel.


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