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[eBook] Everything You Need to Know About Privacy Regulations in Partnerships

Nov 08, 2021

Director of Product Marketing

As consumer favoritism of digital experiences continues to grow, marketers are shouldering the responsibility of achieving omnipresence, battling the rising cost of customer acquisition and delivering a cohesive user experience across the buyer journey—touchpoint consistency demanded by modern consumers. And these consumer demands have evolved to include expectations for how brands handle their personal information.


With an ever-growing list of logins, social media platforms, apps and streaming services, etc., it’s natural that consumers are becoming more skeptical of the methods and locations brands leverage to store their personal information. Consumers want to know if brands are taking the appropriate steps to protect that data, and what actions they themselves should take to ensure their personal information isn’t at risk.


Download Everything You Need to Know about Privacy in Partnerships, Partnerize’s comprehensive eBook that provides an overview of privacy protection enhancements released in response to consumer privacy concerns, how the changes impact your partner program and action items that ensure you’re setting your program up for success while prioritizing data privacy compliance.



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