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Dynamic Commissioning Rule Builder: Cost-Controlled Customer Acquisition Made Simple

Oct 06, 2021

Product Marketing Manager

To control the cost of customer acquisition, marketers need the ability to automate dynamic partner rewards–flexibility that supports payment for partners’ transactional outcomes, not just access to their audience base. Further, implementing custom, dynamic commissioning structures that deploy payment for conversion attributes should be simple so that marketers can easily incent their partners to drive to their unique business goals. 

Dynamic commissioning allows merchants to incentivize affiliates and publishers with a varied commission rate based on the most valuable activities to the merchant.

Partnerize has expanded its industry-leading functionality to include a step-by-step commission rule builder, functionality that makes curating even the most granular commissioning structures easy. By tapping into the new functionality, marketers across different verticals can maximize opportunities to acquire customers at a controlled cost, regardless of the unique performance objectives that map to their category.

While some networks may restrict commissions to flat rates, and others may additionally offer sku and category based commissions. Using Partnerize, a brand can reward their partners for expanding the reach or referring sales in a highly targeted manner.  But on Partnerize, a brand can reward partners for referring sales of something as specific as yellow winter woolen jerseys, in a size 14 on Wednesdays.

This new dynamic commissioning enhances the process, allowing brands much more flexibility when defining their partner program and is the newest update to our commissioning module, Manage.

Building on industry-leading commissioning capabilities and using this latest enhancement, a brand can:

  • Automatically deploy dynamic rewards based on conversion attributes like AOV threshold, customer type, order value, device type and more
  • Easily achieve necessary flexibility to equitably reward partners for the role they play in the path to purchase
  • Incent partners to drive to their unique business goals by implementing custom commissioning structures that stimulate specific results
  • Control the cost of customer acquisition by paying for outcomes amidst an ever-changing customer journey

Partnerize offers the option to make this all possible, by allowing a brand to use comparisons or wildcard matching when creating their rules. For example, travel clients will often incent partners according to the duration of stay, or if a retail client wishes to commission on a number of SKUS without having to manually enter each SKU into the system.

For example, clients could create a commission rule that awards conversions for a specific chain of hotels that all end with the word “International” by using the ‘ends with’ in the ‘category’ field. Even more specifically the stay must be longer than seven nights (using ‘greater than’ in the ‘number of nights’ field). The possibilities for commissioning have become as flexible as ever. To learn more about how you can control the cost of customer acquisition with Partnerize, get in touch at

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