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Drive Your Partner Program with KPIs to Measure Success

May 31, 2023

Product Marketing Manager

When we think of the term ‘dashboard’, many associate it with driving a car. A driver quickly and frequently checks their dashboard for speed, fuel and direction to ensure a successful journey. Without these indicators, the driver does not have the insight required to get from point A to point B. Similarly, marketers need real-time insight into performance progress to guide decisioning when it comes to strategy execution–at-the-moment data available via Partnerize’s key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard.


By leveraging the KPI dashboard, you’ll gain transparency into performance progress with real-time tracking of custom partner performance goals that matter most to their business. The KPI dashboard allows you to:

  • Monitor performance of four key performance indicators:
      • Order value for at-a-glance total transaction revenue for visibility into revenue growth
      • Average order value (AOV) to monitor basket size growth trends
      • Commission spend to gain transparency into marketing spend and appropriately allocate funds throughout the month, quarter or year
  • Return on ad spend to keep a pulse on maintaining healthy margins within your partner program
  • Drive profitable growth with front-and-center insight into customized monthly, quarterly and/or annual campaign-level goals monitoring actual values or percent change
  • Maintain a pulse on trends for set periods including month-over-month, quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year


Pro tip: Establish moderate goals for the channel to accurately reflect on performance and evaluate overall success. To get started, set at least one monthly goal monthly, and evaluate performance and updating goals monthly to accurately reflect any changes in your strategy. 


Learn more about Partnerize’s KPI dashboard by downloading our quick guide. Or, get in touch with our team to chat further about driving profitable growth with Partnerize at

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