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[Download] Partnership Planning: Your Last-Minute Holiday Cheat Sheet

Dec 13, 2022

Director of Content

After two very unprecedented holiday seasons under our belts, somehow there are more wrenches being thrown into the holiday 2022 mix (hello, insane inflation!) serving as an impetus to yet another “unique” holiday season.


The past few years have seen consumers beginning their holiday shopping earlier than ever. This means that brands need to employ an omnipresent approach to win consumer consideration and ultimately conversion. Utilizing channels like partnership and its pay-for-performance approach will allow brands to unlock cost-effective customer acquisition and maintain a ubiquitous presence. To help you navigate this holiday season, we’ve collected key trends, statistics, and tips to fuel some last-minute changes for your campaigns.


You can download our last-minute holiday cheat sheet right here to learn more. And happy holidays to all!

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