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[Download] Last-Minute Holiday Cheat Sheet For Your Partner Channel

Dec 17, 2021

Marketing Manager Americas

It’s undeniable that 2021 has been a unique year and with the holiday season around the corner, brands need to push through to the finish line. While the holiday strategies of the past decade will play their part, the businesses that win and lose this season will be determined by who can capitalize on the market’s unprecedented shift towards ecommerce.


With consumers expected to begin their holiday shopping earlier than ever, brands need to employ an omnipresent approach to win consumer consideration and ultimately conversion. Utilizing channels like partnership and its pay-for-performance approach will allow brands to unlock cost effective customer acquisition and maintain a ubiquitous presence.


To help you navigate this holiday season, we’ve collected key trends, statistics, and tips to fuel some last-minute changes for your campaigns. And while there may not be enough time to audit your entire partner ecosystem, identifying your top partners and investing in them can make a huge impact on the return you get from the partnership channel.


Although having a large partner ecosystem is a powerful approach to acquiring new customers through the long tail, we’ve found that ~80% of our clients’ channel sales come from ~20% of partners. Taking a page out of the influencer marketing playbook, one of the best ways to both reward and maximize return from top partners is to create unique content from them to promote. Not only does this approach strengthen relationships with your valued partners, but it allows them to differentiate themselves and your product to their audience.


Want to learn more tips like this? Download our Last Minute Holiday Cheat Sheet today!

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