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[Download] Holiday Planning 2022: Setting Your Partnership Program Up for Success

Nov 18, 2022

Director of Product Marketing

Tis the season for a mélange of macro global circumstances that seem to all be coming to head at the same time holiday shopping season is also reaching its peak. Skyrocketing inflation, fears of global-reaching economic recessions, ongoing supply chain issues, labor shortages, and consumer spending fears, all seem like they could make for a potentially messy shopping season.


But consumers have also been diligent students, watching trend after trend unfold over the last two completely unprecedented holiday seasons inside of a pandemic, so they’ve learned to adapt and adjust easily to adversity and uncertainty. And if shopping projections ring true, we’re looking at another potentially record-breaking season of shopping—and spending—so brands and partners would be prudent to have last-minute planning and execution on lock.


To help the effort, Partnerize has created a holiday planning eBook filled with holiday 2022 considerations, advanced planning strategies, optimization tactics, plus more. You can download the eBook right here.

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