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[DOWNLOAD] 5 Strategies to Make the Most of Your Partnerships

Feb 02, 2023

Marketing Specialist

More than ever before, the partnership channel is rapidly evolving. From its roots in the affiliate marketing space, we are seeing the industry expand to encompass new sectors – arenas like influencer marketing, strategic brand-to-brand partnerships, channel agreements, and more.


As we well know, changing environments call for new thinking. And given these major changes in the space, it makes sense to consider new strategies in order to drive more revenue and brand value from the channel. We’ve seen and heard from our top brands and agencies that they are using custom commissioning strategies, creating strategic partnerships with other advertisers, and pulling deeper insights from their program data to optimize their affiliates and partnerships.


With our experience and their insight, we’ve pulled together five strategies to make sure you’ve set not only your program, but also your marketing team or agency, up for maximum success.  


Download our eBook today to learn how each of these five strategies can help deliver real value. Tips include:


  • Making greater use of your customer data
  • Understanding and leveraging the strengths of your leading partners
  • Exploring technological solutions to market opportunities
  • Watching your competitors (and Amazon!)
  • Identifying and pursuing top-tier strategic brand partners

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