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[DOWNLOAD] 2022 Expert Affiliate Marketing Predictions

Jan 21, 2022

Director of Content

After another year of pandemic reverberations delivering relative unpredictability, and a fair degree of volatility, it’s curtains for 2021.


In many ways, 2021 was a continuation of 2020, presenting change at every level of operation, testing foundations we once knew as steadfast, and reminding us how quickly best laid plans and intentions can change.


In the digital marketing world, 2021 continued to extend opportunity for many advertiser verticals, propelling them to maintain peaks realized in 2020. On the other hand, we learned that no wins or successes should be taken for granted and that agility will continue to be critical in a post-Covid era.


The year demonstrated that many of the lessons marketers learned in 2020, remain. The importance of leveraging the right data, being agile and adaptable, and practicing perseverance in the face of uncertainty, adversity and ultimately, recovery, are underscored.  


As we continue to look optimistically at the future, we wanted to tap some of the industry’s top minds on their predictions to what they see coming down the pike for affiliate and the partnership channel at large in 2022. You can download our 2022 expert affiliate predictions here to learn more about what they had to say.


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