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Discover Prospects: Limitless Recruitment from the Broader Digital Ecosystem

May 12, 2021

Product Marketing Manager

Partnership marketing has a continuous desire to expand to new markets as well as increase exposure in existing markets. The partnership and affiliate channels enable marketers to expand to new markets by providing an attractive pay-for-outcome model, automation and scale, enabling continued revenue growth for both marketers and partners. One of the best ways to expand is to find new partners for marketers to work with that share similar target audiences and brand values. Doing this, however, is often easier said than done. 

Today’s consumer is exposed to up to 10,000 ads per day, a situation that can be largely attributed  to the proliferation of digital-consumption channels, and a rise in both accessible devices and daily device use.  Due to this abundance of ads, the need for marketers to expand their cross-channel presence, and find right-fit partners to increase exposure to their brand is more important than ever. To help with this, we are pleased to announce Prospects and Recruit by Email

Prospects is the newest addition to our partner recruitment and activation module, Discover.  The functionality gives marketers the ability to easily find and recruit from a limitless digital ecosystem of prospective partners — partner discovery that eliminates recruitment restrictions found in legacy affiliate networks. 

Once a right-fit partner is identified through Discover’s Prospects, you can easily send a customized email invitation through integrated messaging functionality. Using this or Recruit by Email, you can invite individuals or groups of partners that do not already work with Partnerize to join your network by supplying a list of email addresses, and crafting an invitation email to send to those partners – customization capabilities that allow you to easily discuss potential collaborations, offer unique opportunities and curate new relationships.

These partner recruitment capabilities provide evidence of how Partnerize is changing the game for marketers in search of right-fit partnerships. By leveraging Discover’s Prospects and Recruit by Email, marketers can:

  • Broaden their potential reach by targeting new audiences through expanded partnerships.
  • Remove limitations that traditional affiliate networks set with their restricted publisher base.
  • Explore a diverse range of prospective external partners using rich partner profiles with insights into website traffic and social media footprint.
  • Easily invite prospects, both individually and in bulk, using a step-by-step recruitment process, including bespoke invitation emails and direct sign-up links.
  • Expand their reach into new markets and over multiple social platforms and audiences.
  • Strategically diversify their program to counter the threat of large scale online retailers in any economic climate.  

For more information on partner recruitment or how to find the best partnerships for your brand, log into the Partnerize platform, or visit here.

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