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Content Partners are Still King, but Competition is Fierce: Here’s What to Do

Jul 30, 2021

Director of Analytics and Insights

Partnerize has been talking about how effective content partners are and the results they can drive for your partnership and affiliate programs for years now. And as long as the data continues to support this narrative—we have no intention of stopping anytime soon. This is certainly the case for Partnerize’s June US retail sales data which supports that content is still very much king. But the data shows another side to the content story. Content partners who properly optimize mobile opportunities are pack leaders. So if the content partners who are maximizing mobile are alpha, what does that mean for the rest of the content partners who could soon face even more, fierce competition inside their category as they look for ways to activate and integrate across the platform? While mobile revenue share shows significant signs of stabilization—in the 30-35% range for quite some time now—many clients are looking to boost their mobile share and are looking for the right partners to help accomplish this. This means that key integrations with mobile tech providers could really help.


Just this week, Partnerize announced its integrated partnership with Button, a mobile-first technology provider that delivers mobile optimization technology to helps marketers increase conversion rates and profitability of paid channels, while enabling them to achieve new outcomes such as driving app installs or launching an SMS marketing strategy. Button will ensure cohesive tracking from browsers-to-app experiences- persistent tracking that also ensures equitable rewards to partners that contributed to that buyer journey. One of the latest additions to our integrated technology solution ecosystem, this move allows us to take an additional step towards a more open, integrated stack minimizing resource tax on marketers and better enabling channel attribution measurement. More transparency brings better attribution measurement and better attribution measurement means stronger, more profitable relationships with your partners—content or otherwise.


Want even more insights? Check out Partnerize’s U.S. affiliate marketing retail sales data updated through the end of June. You can get the latest here.

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