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Choose Your Own Finish Line: Measuring Success with Partnerize’s KPI Dashboard

Sep 14, 2023

Director of Product Marketing

Measuring success is a critical component of partnership marketing lifecycle management, particularly when it comes to identifying actionable insights that support repeated successes. Typically considered to be somewhat of a ‘finish line’, measuring success should, instead, take place throughout the lifetime of a campaign–ongoing evaluation of results that allows for strategic shifts that support marketers in reaching their goals.


Partnerize gives marketers the single destination reporting and visuals they need to quickly and easily get a pulse check on unique goals with the KPI dashboard, a real-time tracking hub for metrics that matter most to your business. The KPI dashboard allows marketers to customize goals, monitor performance, and optimize partnerships. 


Download our how-to guide to learn more about:

  • The critical role that automated, ongoing goal measurement plays to your partnership channel success
  • Action items for aligning your desired outcomes with your partner management actions
  • Best practices for achieving your targeted key performance indicators

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