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Chewy Affiliate Program Spotlight and Sign Up Information

Apr 10, 2023

Director of Content

Chewy, the renowned online pet supply supplier, is not just an online store but a pet paradise for animal lovers worldwide. With an extensive product selection, including over 1,000 brands across every pet category, Chewy stands out for its exceptional commitment to customer service, convenience, and pet care.

Central to Chewy’s ethos is their pet food auto-ship feature, which ensures that pets never run out of their essentials. One of the highlights of partnering with Chewy is the lucrative commission structure, offering partners a $15 commission for each new auto-ship customer order.

Joining Chewy Affiliate Program

You can join the Chewy affiliate program by signing up here.

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The Chewy affiliate management team reviews applications regularly and will provide timely responses. Upon acceptance to the program, you will have access to our terms and conditions, guiding you through the affiliate partnership.

Why Should You Join?

  1. Lucrative Commissions: Earn a competitive 4% commission on both new and existing Chewy customer orders.

  2. Dedicated Support: Benefit from personalized support from Chewy’s in-house affiliate team, ensuring you have the guidance and assistance you need to succeed.

  3. Extensive Product Range: Gain access to over 2,000 renowned brands, featuring popular pet supplies at unbeatable prices.

  4. Regular Newsletters: Stay informed and updated with regular newsletters that provide insights, opportunities, and industry trends, helping you optimize your affiliate marketing strategy.

  5. User-Friendly Platform: Partnerize, Chewy’s chosen affiliate platform, offers a seamless interface for tracking orders in real-time, analyzing performance, and optimizing your affiliate program.

Eligibility Criteria

Chewy welcomes partnerships from pet affiliate marketers, pet niche websites, pet models, and partners of all types, ensuring inclusivity and diversity within its affiliate network. However, Chewy reserves the right to decline applications from sites that fail to meet our quality and content stand.

Chewy’s Affiliate Program FAQs

  1. How Can I Become an Affiliate? To commence your tenure as a Chewy affiliate, initiate the application process via our Partnerize platform. Subsequently, upon approval, access to our affiliate program guidelines will be facilitated.

  2. Am I Eligible for Chewy Affiliation? While Chewy extends its arms to nearly all partnership models and mediums, adherence to quality and content standards is imperative. Partnerships failing to adhere to these criteria may be declined.

  3. How are Transactions Tracked? We employ Partnerize to monitor transactions, furnishing you with tracking links for integration into your interface. Upon a visitor clicking on your affiliate link and executing a purchase, Partnerize records the transaction, thereby entitling you to commissions for new patron transactions within the stipulated cookie window.

  4. Payment Procedures and Timelines Upon enrollment in Chewy’s affiliate initiative, provision of bank details is requisite. Partnerize orchestrates monthly commission transfers directly to your designated account or through dispatched checks. It is incumbent upon affiliates to account for any pertinent tax liabilities.

  5. How Can You Create Affiliate Tracking Links? Once approved, affiliate publishers can seamlessly generate links for the Chewy affiliate program directly from within the Partnerize platform. This streamlined process ensures efficient link creation and enables affiliates to promptly commence promoting Chewy’s offerings to their audience.

The Chewy Partner Initiative presents a lucrative avenue for pet enthusiasts and marketing connoisseurs alike to capitalize on their passion. Armed with competitive incentives, bespoke support, and an extensive product repertoire, Chewy guarantees a seamless and gratifying affiliate journey.


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