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Check Out Our Forbes Byline on Pixel Tracking

Dec 22, 2017

CMO, RevLifter

At our company, we like to publish articles and opinion pieces about the key issues facing the partner and affiliate industries. This piece, which ran in Forbes, explains why some marketers are actively exploring and implementing API-based integrations to replace pixel tracking. Here’s an excerpt:

How can brands ensure that they capture every sale and continue to have essential campaign information and data? The most important step is to stop relying on browsers as a central component of our data delivery mechanism. So long as browsers determine whether and how data is passed to our ad platforms, we run the risk of gradually losing access to campaign data. By creating direct, API-based integrations between companies and their platforms, companies can bypass constraints imposed by browsers and gain a more complete, more accurate set of campaign data for optimization.

We’ll be publishing more pieces like this in the future. 

Read the entire post here

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