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Be a Holiday Hero: Your 2023 Q4 Partnership Playbook

Nov 02, 2023

Director of Product Marketing

Consumer spending for the 2023 holiday shopping season is projected to reach $1.33 trillion–a year-over-year increase comprised of +11.9% in ecommerce sales as well as nearly 3% growth in brick and mortar purchases. Despite the increase in holiday spending, fluctuating economic conditions worldwide have impacted consumers will be more mindful of purchase attributes beyond price points, including delivery costs and flexibility of returns than in years past. Additionally, the holiday shopping season kickoff continues to creep earlier into the year with a growing number of consumers saying they planned to begin their holiday shopping as early as September to capture the best possible deals. There’s good news for marketers leveraging Partnerize: the platform gives you the tools necessary to easily navigate the unique challenges of this holiday shopping season.



Although marketers are facing evolving macro-level challenges that create layers of complexity for 2023 holiday shopping season, traditional steps for partner program Q4 prep cannot be overlooked. To ensure that all of the partnership boxes are ticked and bows are tied, Partnerize has developed Be a Holiday Hero: 2022 Q4 Partnership Playbook, a step-by-step guide that ensures no stone is left unturned when it comes to holiday shopping season success. Available in tailored editions for brands and partners, the holiday hero playbooks will:


·        Take the guesswork out of partner program shopping season prep with step-by-step guidance for covering all of your bases

·        Put you on track to maximize the benefits of your partnerships peak shopping season

·        Set you up for success during the holiday season and beyond!



There’s still time to be your company’s 2023 holiday hero! And whether you’re a brand or a partner, Partnerize has you covered! Download the most relevant version below to get started.



Brand Edition
Partner Edition

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