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AVAILABLE NOW: Partnership Growth Indices for Q4 2022 + the U.S. Affiliate Marketing Sales Index

Feb 09, 2023

Senior Vice President, Marketing

A worldwide pandemic upended consumer behavior sending a ripple of effects to retailers and brands at every corner of the globe. Now, more than ever, marketers need data to drive their decisioning and be better prepared for whatever lies ahead. Since the onset of the pandemic, Partnerize has been answering this call by examining key trends across regions that lend marketers insights necessary to effectively benchmark, compare, and optimize their partnership programs published in a region-specific quarterly Partnership Growth Index as well as a monthly U.S. Affiliate Marketing Retail Sales Index. While the pandemic may be largely in our review mirror, the reverberations it left in its wake will no doubt linger.  As such, Partnerize will continue to deliver these resources to marketers to enable them with everything they need to realize success and profitable growth in their partnerships, no matter what the economic and social climate can throw at them.  


The latest editions that measure YoY data for same store sales activity across all major industries, excluding travel, are now available!


You can download the latest versions right here to learn more about your region’s quarterly revenue growth on the Partnerize platform, as well as other data including average order value (AOV), commission, conversion attributes and customer behavior. You can also access the latest U.S. Retail Affiliate Marketing Sales Index right here.


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