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Automatically Reengage High-Intent Consumers with Partnerize’s Cybba Integration

Aug 12, 2021

Director of Product Marketing

Consumers are plagued with an oversaturation of ads throughout the buyer journey, making delivery of the right content at the right time increasingly critical for marketers hoping to resonate with their audiences. By implementing solutions designed to incent transaction from existing buyers as well as acquire new customers, marketers can effectively reengage high-intent audiences with impactful messages throughout their journey—touchpoints that aid in driving profitable growth.

Partnerize allows marketers to rapidly deploy custom reengagement solutions with our latest integrated technology partner, Cybba. With the Partnerize x Cybba integration, marketers can:

  • Expedite remarketing and retargeting activation. Easily implement a full-funnel toolset designed to recapture otherwise abandoned sales through the rapid-deploy integration—minimal tech resources required.
  • Increase consumer conversion propensity. Entice up to 40% of retargeted customers to return and complete their purchase with on-brand messaging and integrated design solutions.
  • Drive profitable growth. Reengage with a high-intent audience to drive conversions through Cybba’s customizable solutions including onsite engagement functionality, abandonment emails and display retargeting.

Partnerize brands can accelerate launch of Cybba’s versatile marketing technology by contacting their account team. To learn more about Cybba, visit or reach out to one of Partnerize’s integration specialists at


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