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Affiliate Trends for the Back-to-School Shopping Season

Aug 26, 2022

Director of Content

Despite all of the perceived setbacks 2020 and 2021 delivered to students and teachers alike, as we head back to the classroom in 2022, the National Retail Federation (NRF) once again surveyed a group of 7,830 consumers during July to get a better readout on shopping intentions this holiday season. Based on the responses, the NRF projects that shopping records would stand steady with 2021. This time, spending is expected to reach $36.9B or $864 dollars per household for grades K-12 (up $15 YoY). Worth noting that the NRF also cites this expected spend in 2021 to be the highest in their survey’s history. Yet as we enter the end of summer, many students are enjoying the last weeks of summer while preparing to return to their first mask-less school year since the pandemic began.


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