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A Tailor-Made Event for Marketers Tired of the Status Quo

Jun 07, 2021

Senior Vice President, Marketing

The partnership channel has grown significantly in reliability and sophistication. In fact 65% of CMOs cite an increase in channel spend for 2021. Yet despite this popularity, a marketer’s experience will only ever be as good as their provider allows. And not every provider has the client’s best interest top of mind. In fact, legacy providers’ failure to deliver on category innovation and leadership has created a void for marketers and worse, the inability to realize the return on their channel investment.

For those marketers who are tired of their provider’s antiquated status quo ways and methods, Partnerize has customized a unique, industry first 24-hour global experience, Global Partnership Day. Beginning on the 23rd of June at 9am in London, ending on the 24th June at 6pm in Sydney, sessions range from in-depth discussions on the ecommerce bounce back post-pandemic, to panels featuring top brands, partners and industry thought leaders like eMarketer, Martech Record, Charlotte Tilbury, and Expedia, to name a few.

This comprehensive event acknowledges regional nuances and highlights the global movement to position the partnership channel as a primary sales and marketing channel for every marketer. Please note, spaces for Global Partnership Day are limited and you can only attend by registering for your sessions here.

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