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A Conversation with RingCentral on B2B Partnerships & the Industry’s Only VOIP Pay-Per-Call Campaign

Apr 01, 2021

Customer Success Manager

RingCentral, a successful and established B2B program on the Partnerize platform, has been successful since launch; however in recent times, have been driving even more opportunistic growth through the channel. B2B programs have had somewhat of a challenging time getting attention from the industry, but the tides have changed. Companies like video conferencing, streaming services, CPG delivery and yes, even appliances, can benefit vastly from having “right fit” partners and diversifying their programs to include all unique types of partners. 

RingCentral is no stranger to this strategy and has been driving growth through the VOIP industry’s only pay per call affiliate program in existence. Partnerize’s Jasmine Lee took this opportunity to dive deeper into their strategy and understand how affiliate programs can drive profitable growth from other businesses by chatting with Joaquin Chua, Affiliate Marketing Recruiter at RingCentral. 

Jasmine Lee: Tell us more about the opportunity that RingCentral sees in the affiliate channel, why invest in partner marketing? 

Joaquin Chua: In digital marketing your brand has to be always on TOP of the search results to win. There is the PAID space that you see on the first fold of your search results, this space is quite expensive to rank. Then there is the ORGANIC space that is the most challenging to top since Google is constantly changing it’s algorithm to improve search results, so optimizing is endless. This is where we see the biggest opportunity in Performance Marketing. We get to partner with industry leaders in business/competitive intelligence and leverage their comparison/review content to promote our RingCentral. They cover both paid and organic sources. We also partner with top content websites that talk about technology and business, we leverage their content via Reviews and Comparison. These websites dominate the organic space and with the consistent Google update, this will ensure that RingCentral is visible on all related searches. 

JL: How does having an affiliate program compliment RingCentral’s other marketing efforts?

JC: Since we are performance based marketing, we commission/pay our partners based on the conversion they drive to our landing page, be it clicks, leads, acquisitions and even calls. This way we are able get our share of search results that are expensive and challenging at the same time.

JL: How is this program different from others in the VOIP industry, and how best do you work with partners and set them up for success? 

JC: RingCentral offers the highest commission in the industry. We also have the most flexible affiliate program, a partner can get commissions from Clicks, Leads, Sales and even Calls via our Pay Per Call program. We have partnered with only the best in the business in making sure our partner experience is seamless. We have the Partnerize that covers our overall program. Here we manage our publishers, track performance, and make payouts. For the Pay Per Call campaign we have partnered with Invoca, the leader in call tracking solutions. Joining our program is easy and FREE, you can also learn more about the RingCentral Affiliate Program here.  

JL: What advice would you give to other B2B marketers who are exploring affiliate and partner marketing as a new revenue stream?

JC: At this time where WFH is now the new normal, business VOIP has taken the most advantage of the situation where each and everyone has to have access to a Business Phone anytime, anywhere. Now is the perfect time to be in the VoIP space and RingCentral being the #1 Business VoIP Provider can help you build a lucrative and sustainable revenue stream. Our RingCentral Affiliate Program offers the most flexible program terms and industries most competitive commissions. We can work closely to find what will mutually work for you. We have a dedicated affiliate team to attend to your needs and help you grow your campaign. 


Joaquin Chua, Affiliate Marketing Recruiter, RingCentral

Joaquin is in charge of searching and recruiting new potential partners for RingCentral’s Affiliate Program and has been leading the affiliate program with RingCentral for three years. In addition to recruitment, he also manages CPA, Pay-per-call, and several of RingCentral’s direct affiliates and partners.

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