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7 Tips To Make Influencer Partnership Programs Successful

May 17, 2023

Director of Product Marketing

According to eMarketer, U.S. influencer marketing spend is estimated at $5B and is projected to reach $7B by 2024. As influencer marketing and brand ambassador campaigns continue to gain traction and become a more integral part of the marketing mix, marketers must adapt to the nuances that come with content partner collaborations, specifically communicating effectively.


Marketers need easy access to the tools necessary for finding, recruiting and optimizing influencers as a part of their diversified partner makeup. The Partnerize platform enables marketers to maximize the benefits of influencers with automated tools that foster mutually beneficial partnerships. You can:


  1. Discover right-fit influencers. Making the most of influencers starts by uncovering the most relevant content creators for your brand. You can tap Discover’s search functionality to target influencers both in the platform and beyond by audience, demographic, social following, geographic area and more.
  2. Customize email invitations. With Discover’s recruit by email functionality, marketers can tailor messages for individual or groups of influencers joined to Partnerize to detail campaign information that expedites time to revenue. Recruit by email also enables marketers to message prospective partners from the broader digital ecosystem—a segment that may require more information about the partner channel or the benefits of performance-based collaborations.
  3. Educate prospects. When it comes to communicating with partners, messaging templates are not one size fits all. Messaging influencers beyond the platform may require details of your brand or even more information about the partner channel so that the recipient can quickly gain an understanding of the value they are able to unlock by signing up.
  4. Implement dynamic reward structures. Equitably rewarding influencers ensures that they are paid appropriately for the value they provide and fosters mutually beneficial partnerships. Leverage the Partnerize platform’s commissioning functionality to dynamically reward partners for transaction attribute, geographic location, device type, AOV threshold, new vs. existing customers and more.
  5. Promote collaboration in your very first touchpoint. Provide information about a prospective collaboration including commission rate, prospective bonus payments for flat-fee opportunities, gifting, giveaways, exclusive codes and more. Please note that, we also recommend asking the influencer how they typically partner with brands to establish and support a mutually beneficial partnership.
  6. Support content curation with gifted products. Influencers promote products and services they love to their audiences—honesty that creates digital friendships and enables them to truly influence their audience to purchase. To curate product-specific content, providing the influencer with a gift to use in their imagery enables them to experience the product first hand and deliver an authentic review or styled post to their highly engaged audience.
  7. Incent action with automated communications. The Partnerize platform’s integrated CRM tool enables you to automate deployment of event-based messages to your joined partners, including influencers—customizable communications that nurture relationships and give partners the information they need to drive to your business goals.


Learn more about maximizing the benefits of influencers in our Quick Guide to Influencer Marketing Guide.



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