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Partnerize’s flagship event Partnership Day returns to Sydney for 2023.

On 21st September 2023, 150 of the partnership industry’s latest and greatest advertisers, agencies and publishers will come together for a day of networking, strategising and future-planning. Join leading global brands and publishers to enjoy thought-provoking panels, expert keynotes and rich discussions of the future of the category. Leave with actionable takeaways to take back to the office to help your team drive growth and success. 

Last Remaining Tickets Available.



Pre-registration – Wharf #4 Darling Harbour


Networking + Refreshments


Opening Remarks


Lunch + Networking




Closing remarks

16:00 -17.30

Networking Drinks

Featured sponsors

Opening keynote

Join us for an unforgettable keynote with Mark Beretta, a household name in Australian media and a true exemplar of resilience and adaptability.

Known to many as the Sports Presenter on ‘Sunrise,’ Australia’s top-rated morning show, Mark brings a wealth of experience that transcends television.

From his days as a 10-time Australian water ski champion to his philanthropic efforts that have raised millions for cancer research, Mark embodies the spirit of versatility and leadership.

In a 30-35 minute talk, followed by a 15-minute Q&A, Mark will delve into the critical themes that today’s marketing leaders face: resilience in a rapidly evolving landscape, building teams with a collective vision, and effective message crafting.

Drawing inspiration from compelling stories like the rise of the Matildas, Australia’s women’s national soccer team, Mark will provide actionable strategies for not just surviving, but thriving in the modern marketing world.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to glean insights from one of Australia’s most versatile personalities.

Stick around afterwards for mingling and photos, offering you the chance to connect directly with Mark and fellow industry professionals.

Mark your calendars; this is a session packed with lessons that you can take back to your teams for immediate impact.

Session panelist

Mark Beretta
Sports Presenter, Sunrise

The Evolution and Future of Partnership Marketing: Unleashing the Power of Affiliate and Partnerships

Join us for an insightful panel discussion on the past, present, and future of partnership marketing, where senior executives will share their views on the affiliate and partnership category. In this engaging session, industry leaders will explore how this dynamic field has transformed in recent years, discussing the key changes, emerging trends, and the potential for innovation within the space.

Over the past few years, partnership marketing has witnessed a remarkable evolution, driven by advancements in technology, changing consumer behaviour, and the increasing need for strategic collaborations. Our esteemed panellists, comprising senior executives from leading organisations, will provide their unique perspectives on this transformation. They will delve into the challenges faced by marketers, the strategies that have proven successful, and the lessons learned along the way.


Saskia Keller
Senior Director Customer Success, Partnerize

Session panelists

Frits Arkema
Head of Digital Marketing, Retail Apparel Group

Luke Simonsen
Digital Lead, Petstock

Emma Smith
Head of Acquisition, Adore Beauty

Rob Sexton
Global Performance Leader, Flight Centre

Roundtable Session

Roundtable breakout sessions, individually created for the attending audience. You will be allocated a table for the duration of the event. These 40 minute roundtables have been created to provide a working session during the day for practical takeaway tips to support you in your day-to-day affiliate program management.

Session panelists

Cindy Kam
Client Services Manager, Cashrewards

Arthur Malkoun
Merchant Development Manager, Skimlinks

Daniel Tay
Director Customer Services, Partnerize

Vanja Wilson
VP of Sales, Partnerize

Lauren Leisk
Head of Affiliate & Content Commerce, Are Media

Tracey Duff
General Manager, Blue Light Card

The Rise of Affiliates: Why Affiliate Continues to Grow and What’s on the Horizon for 2024

Every year for the past seven or so years, the affiliate industry has been growing by at least double-digit percentages*. Since the pandemic and even in 2023 with increased cost of living pressures, these figures have continued to soar due to consumers shifting their buyer behaviour into more digital channels. The rising cost of living is only helping this channel growth to increase as a marketing favourite due to the commercial modelling associated with performance partnerships. It’s clear now that affiliate channels are playing a vital role in consumer buying activity, as well as consumer brand awareness.

Join us for an insightful panel discussion on the the key strengths driving the affiliate channel where senior executives will share their views on the varying affiliate and partnership categories and how each is growing and why. We’ll explore how this dynamic field has transformed over time, key changes, emerging trends, and the potential for innovation within the space.
*eMarketer report


Kelly Guerin
APAC Director Partnerships, Partnerize

Session panelists

Jade McDade
Director APAC, Skimlinks

Pascale Helyar-Moray
Founder & CEO, Super Rewards

Sophie Stickland
Head of Client Services, Cashrewards

Matt Fry
Chief Operating Officer, Furthr

Affiliate Marketing: The Ideal Channel for Global Expansion

Expanding an affiliate program globally can significantly amplify a brand’s reach by tapping into diverse international markets, increasing exposure to a broader audience. This approach enables the brand to leverage local expertise and cultural nuances through affiliate partners, fostering better customer engagement and conversion rates. Ultimately, a global affiliate program can drive substantial revenue growth by capitalising on the combined strengths of regional partners and the brand’s products or services. But how can brands take advantage of this global trend?

Many brands that aren’t thinking about how they can tap into potential international markets are missing a significant opportunity. Smart marketers will reach potential audiences wherever possible, and if that audience is in another country there are ways to identify and effectively communicate with those consumers using performance channels.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from an industry leader at the forefront of partnership marketing as they provide their perspective on global expansion, specific benefits realised for expanding affiliate programs globally, key considerations for marketers when researching a new market, and how working with Partnerize can help brands navigate their global ambitions.


Alix Simpson
VP of Customer Success, Partnerize

Session panelist


Leaning Into Partnerships in Any Economic Climate

Session Panelist

Henry Hooper
General Manager, Klook

Christopher Cheung
Chief eCommerce Officer, PetCulture

Troy Mulder
Performance Partnerships Manager, THE ICONIC

Lia Ang
Head of Marketing, Eva

Marketers are in constant flux, especially in such an uncertain year. From the beginning to the end – we are still unsure where we will end this year and what else is coming our way! It will be known as the year of constant change and adapting to the challenges thrown at us.  However with many positives for eCommerce coming from the Covid era – we are now in a challenging time with our economies across the globe in a downturn.  So how can we keep the momentum going?

So what does this mean for affiliates and what opportunity is waiting for us?  Despite existing for more than 20 years, affiliate marketing has never been recognized or prioritized in comparison to its counterparts in search, social and programmatic display. The transactional, and largely last-click nature of the channel, long perpetuated discount driven behaviors of brands and consumers alike, fueling the channel’s inconsequential reputation.  While unchanging in many respects, marketer perceptions alone have also contributed to affiliate’s notoriety.

This session sets out the opportunities waiting to be ripened. How we can democratize the affiliate evolution so marketers can better understand the broader opportunity partnerships can offer and to not underestimate the affiliate channel.  Join us for this panel on ‘Leaning Into Partnerships in Any Economic Climate