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Last year, we delivered the industry’s first ever, 24-hour global event dedicated to partnership marketing.  

This year we want to take you on a Yacht around Sydney Harbour.  Enjoy 360 panoramic views of the harbour while soaking up our thought leadership content from Brands, Advertisers, Agencies and Marketers on the Affiliate Marketing industry today.  Discuss the collective e-commerce challenges this year and what to expect as we move into 2023 from Affiliate champions in Australia.

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Disembarking @ 8 Kings Street Wharf Darling Harbour

Leaning Into Partnerships in Any Economic Climate

Session Panelist

Henry Hooper
General Manager, Klook

Christopher Cheung
Chief eCommerce Officer, PetCulture

Troy Mulder
Performance Partnerships Manager, THE ICONIC

Lia Ang
Head of Marketing, Eva

Marketers are in constant flux, especially in such an uncertain year. From the beginning to the end – we are still unsure where we will end this year and what else is coming our way! It will be known as the year of constant change and adapting to the challenges thrown at us.  However with many positives for eCommerce coming from the Covid era – we are now in a challenging time with our economies across the globe in a downturn.  So how can we keep the momentum going?

So what does this mean for affiliates and what opportunity is waiting for us?  Despite existing for more than 20 years, affiliate marketing has never been recognized or prioritized in comparison to its counterparts in search, social and programmatic display. The transactional, and largely last-click nature of the channel, long perpetuated discount driven behaviors of brands and consumers alike, fueling the channel’s inconsequential reputation.  While unchanging in many respects, marketer perceptions alone have also contributed to affiliate’s notoriety.

This session sets out the opportunities waiting to be ripened. How we can democratize the affiliate evolution so marketers can better understand the broader opportunity partnerships can offer and to not underestimate the affiliate channel.  Join us for this panel on ‘Leaning Into Partnerships in Any Economic Climate

Beyond Last Click: Omnipresence Across the Consumer Journey

Session Panelist

Jade McDade
Head of eCommerce – Audience and Partners,

Nic Wagenecht
Head of Commercial – APAC & US, UNiDAYS

Mary Gleeson
Associate Director, Performance Partnerships,

Alyce Tran
Brand Strategist, Like To Know It

One of the most popular questions (and overall channel misconceptions) inside of partnerships, surrounds partner diversification and optimization. And while most people are familiar with last-click partners often known as closers as well as tippy-top funnel partners known as introducers, they are often unaware of how partners can be tapped and positioned for success at every part of the funnel. A seemingly elusive concept, adopting a full-funnel approach is actually a sturdy cornerstone to any affiliate/partnership program. But how do they truly add value across all the phases of the consumer journey? Join us for this panel on ‘Beyond Last Click: Omnipresence Across the Consumer Journey.’

Beyond ROAS: Focusing on the Metrics that Matter

Session Panelist

Michaella Naicker
Senior Media & Social Proof Manager

Join us for a chat with Michaella Naicker, Senior Media & Social Proof Manager at Koala, on how the brand has grown their partnerships and the techniques that have worked to build and nurture the right relationships inside this channel. We’ll be discussing metrics that have enabled profitable partnerships in the long run like return on ad spend but we’ll also talk about other metrics including lifetime value, average order size, retention, and repeat customer strategies. This session will be set on the top deck of the Blue Room boat, so you can relax and enjoy the surrounding view.