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In a world of consumer control and relentless media consolidation, you need more from the partnership channel. Choose the Partnerize Platform and maximize profitable growth, automate manual processes, and make partnership a primary channel for your business. The Partnerize Platform is designed to meet the specific needs of partnership marketing teams for retail, travel, finance, DTC, subscriptions, and more.


We have developed special features tailored to the specific characteristics of retail, travel, finance and DTC/subscriptions businesses. Click your category below to learn how we address your specific needs.


Understand your customers, purchases and partner contributions to the business. Align your partner programs to your true KPIs.

  • Unlimited metadata (department, SKU, brand, discount) appended to every event and conversion
  • 35 commission approaches including commission on customer acquisition, LTV, AOV, gross margin
  • Option to pay partners AFTER the return window. Partners receive payment within 24 hours
  • Option to split commission payments with originating, contributing and converting partners.


Partnerize is the choice of many OTAs and dozens of other companies including leading airlines, car rentals, and experience companies.

  • Option to commission on consumed versus booked purchases, for revenue visibility before you pay
  • Easily create special distressed inventory commissions to fill beds and seats at short notice
  • Vary rates based on metadata like number of nights, class of service, origin and destination
  • Option to update conversion value based on changes to the transaction like upsell/cross-sell


Attract new customers for credit cards, bank accounts, insurance policies, personal loans, and more.

  • Analyze lead quality by partner, partner type, and offer for insight into customer quality
  • Pay at multiple stages of customer journey, like lead capture, approval, and first transaction
  • Full flexibility into the amount and range of data collected at time of lead capture
  • Creative tools to change offers and terms in platform and have them update across the web

DTC & Subscription

Acquire new, high-quality customers and understand their full value to the business. Partnerize helps subscription businesses understand the full value of every customer and partner.

  • Understand the your partner-driven customer lifetime value to optimize better rewards programs
  • Set and pay commissions on lifetime value, to incent partners to find the best new customers
  • Vary offers and commission rates by partner, partner class, party group, or geography
  • Pass unlimited parameters on transactions for richer insights into customer needs and preferences
Maria Decima from Amaysim
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We have been working with Partnerize for over two years now and it has been an amazing experience. We have seen great results and over-achieved on our sales target. The Partnerize platform is very robust and helps us manage a large number of partners very seamlessly. Above all, working with the Partnerize team has been the highlight! Their team is very professional and is always helping us grow our business. I can only recommend Partnerize to anyone who wants to grow their business through an innovative affiliate program.

Maria Decima, Senior Marketing Manager

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See how the Partnerize Partner Management Platform can help you scale your partnership programs, diversify revenue streams, and ensure outstanding brand protection.

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