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Time to Rebrand Affiliate

Rebrand Affiliate Now: This paper advocates for a powerful repositioning of our industry to the broader and more appealing concept of brand partnerships.

Spot Partnership Fraud

How to Spot Possible Marketing Fraud: If partner marketing fraud is on your mind, here are some simple tips on how to spot possible fraud by examining your own program data.

Replace Pixel Tracking

It's Time to Replace Pixel Tracking. Here's How: Address the very real challenges that changing browser cookie policies have placed on your affiliate marketing measurement.

Partnership Growth Tips

5 Strategies to Keep Your Partner Programs Growing: Accelerate partner and affiliate marketing program sales growth with these simple tips, ideas, and actionable strategies.

Partnerize Interview

Perspective on Partner Marketing Leadership: Read an interview with Partnerize Co-founder and CEO Mal Cowley on the partnership industry and how it is transforming commerce.

Mobilize Partnerships Now

It's High Time You Mobilized Your Partnerships: Get credit for all the sales that your program drives with a robust mobile measurement program in place for your partnerships.