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Guide for CMOs

CMOs find themselves with less budget and resources today, so finding more efficient ways to meet sales goals is critical. This eGuide explains how partner marketing can help.

What CFOs Need to Know

The CFOs guide to understanding how partner and affiliate marketing are suited to today's environment. Learn more about this highly efficient and scalable channel.

The Platform for Partners

We understand that partners need advanced technologies to drive strong results in partner marketing. This eGuide details the benefits of a platform built with partners in mind...

Driving Incrementality

Let's Get Growing! This eGuide discusses the concept of incremental sales and how you can work out what incrementality means to your business in order to achieve objectives.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Let's Get Growing! This eGuide discusses customer loyalty and how you can utilize the power of partnership to increase your customer's lifetime value and repeat purchases.

Accountable Influencers

In these uncertain times, measuring ROI is more important than ever. Discover how to make your influencer program revenue accountable and scalable, ensuring a strong ROI.