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Fraud protection tips for marketers in South East Asia
16th July 2019
Fraud protection tips for marketers in South East Asia
16th July 2019
IPMA Q&A: Partnerize on Winning Best Performance Marketing Technology
28th June 2019
Fight Back Against Exploding Australian Media Costs!
25th June 2019
23 Partnership Commissioning Strategies You Can Use to Nail Your Real KPIs
13th June 2019


The following press announcements have been published by Partnerize (under either the Partnerize or Performance Horizon names) and are sorted by date, starting with the most recent. For any questions or inquiries, please contact Diane Anderson at our PR agency, Wit Strategy, by emailing DAnderson [AT]

Scott Samios Joins Partnerize as Chief Revenue Officer
26th June 2019
Partnerize and TrafficGuard Integrate to Provide Partner Marketers with Advanced Protection From Digital Fraud
29th May 2019
Partnerize Launches Intelligent Partner Discovery, Powered by Machine Learning, to Enhance Partnership Growth
11th April 2019
Partnerize Launches Advanced Mobile App Capabilities for Partner Marketing Measurement
20th March 2019
Partnerize Debuts 14 New White Papers and Checklists on Partnership Learning Center
5th March 2019

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