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Partnerize Parents

We invest in families

Working parents face tremendous pressures as they struggle to keep a healthy balance between family and career. That’s why we developed Partnerize Parents, a set of benefits that make walking the tightrope of working parenthood a little easier.

Benefits to parents

For primary caregivers

6 months leave at full pay at the birth or adoption of a new child. Then, an additional 6 months paid leave at half pay, and the option for phased return to work after the leave, over a 6 week period.

For non-primary caregivers

Non-primary caregivers also need time to welcome new arrivals to their families. That’s why Partnerize offers 2 weeks leave at full pay upon the birth or adoption of a new child.

New arrival benefit

In the first paycheck after a birth or adoption, employee receives £100 or local currency equivalent for initial expenses like baby clothes, diapers/nappies, take-out meals, or whatever they need.

Family days

All parents with children under 18 are eligible for 5 “Family days” per year, analogous to “Personal Days”. Used for family related obligations like ill children, school activities, and acute childcare needs.


Partnerize leads the industry in benefits for parents. Partnerize Parents provides benefits to employees anywhere in the world, with at least one year of service. These benefits are available to primary and non-primary caregivers for births and childhood adoptions. 


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