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We love to learn and share knowledge! All our employees, whichever team and wherever they’re based, have an annual learning allowance that is facilitated by a platform called Learnerbly. This allows our person to purchase online and in-person classes, books, and other materials that can help them learn skills relevant to their role in the company.

success stories

Jonathan Butler

Senior Product Manager

Whilst working as a Software Engineer at Partnerize, I was able to get an insight into the Product team and the different roles and responsibilities, specifically in the area of Product Management. I’ve always had an appreciation for the ‘bigger picture’ when it comes to projects and I felt that a career in Product Management would be an avenue that aligned perfectly with my skillset and personal interests.

In order to explore this further, Partnerize allowed me to utilise my learning allowance to purchase materials that would give me more information in the area of Product Management and allow me to expand my knowledge in the role of a Product Manager, without any expense to myself.

I’m a strong believer in the value of personal development, and the tools available at Partnerize, such as the Learnerbly budget, have been crucial in my own growth whilst I have been with the company.

One of the main benefits I found with Learnerbly is that I wasn’t limited to what they have on their website. If there is something I found elsewhere, I could easily request it through the Learnerbly portal and their procurement team would then purchase the item themselves and deduct the value from my personal allowance.

With support of my learning allowance and the knowledge that I had gained through the purchased learning material, I was able to position myself for a transition from Software Engineer to Product Manager and I believe the benefit of the Learnerbly personal allowance allowed this process to happen much quicker than I could have ever hoped for.

Alick Gardiner

Lead Test Engineer

I work at Partnerize in the QA department, but had an interest in learning about application security which I followed using my Learning Allowance. Using my allocated funds, I took a course and examination for an OSCP cert (which is a very intense but respected industry certification). As a result of this I and another Partnerize QA team member took part in a local OWASP CTF event where we were pitted against 5 teams of local security professionals and ended up winning, which was incredible!

Since then I’ve been recognised by ‘bug bounty’ programs including AT&T, PayPal and Alibaba, and become an early-adopter of where I keep training using a pen-tester-friendly VPS which I also got through Learnerbly (with enough left over to cover a few QA automation books!).

I have been using the tools and knowledge gained through my personal development to attack our own product and raise any findings with our Security and Development teams, and have created an XSS testing framework for other QA team members to use.

I’m still deciding on my next Learnerbly request, there are some automation book ideas I’d like to explore, then see what the options are for fun group pen-testing ideas to share with the team.


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