2020 Product Retrospective – Simplicity, Automation and Optimization

Dec 15, 2020

Chief Product Officer

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As we reflect back on 2020, it has been an eventful and at times, challenging year for many of our customers and partners.  Suddenly, we all had to learn how to work, communicate, and collaborate in this new environment both professionally and on the homefront. This upheaval was also a challenge for the Partnerize product development teams given the collaborative nature of designing and building technology. 

Despite these challenges, we’ve made some important, strategic investments into our product and platform, with the goal of making partner marketing more customer-centric, and providing our customers and partners the chance for greater returns. To make things even more interesting this year, we’ve also acquired two amazing companies in BrandVerity and Pepperjam and we are working hard behind the scenes to unify to one product and platform. 

In terms of product innovation that we have released through 2020, here are some highlights grouped around three of our key product themes of Simplicity, Automation and Optimization.


Throughout the year we have made significant UI improvements for our Partner CRM capabilities, enabling Brands and Partners to connect more easily and to make management and communication with new and existing partners.  We’ve also focused on simplifying our Commissions views so that it is much easier for brands to see what they are paying, and partners to see what they are earning – with much more to come in the new year.  This year also marked a huge transformation for our in-app user assistance and resource centre – brands and partners can now get contextual help from within the app, and see guided tours of key features. This is all part of our strategy to make our product self-serve. 


When it comes to automation, our goal is to save you time for operational tasks, freeing up resources to focus more on strategic tasks and optimization. To that end, we’ve released a new integrated communications tool which includes automated emails based on partner activity. We’ve also released recently our new Partner Profiles, including rich audience and website data, combined with historical performance – giving brands the ability to find and connect with the right-fit partners with less effort. And finally we launched our Fraud Manager, which uses machine learning to automatically identify potential fraud, saving you time and protecting your program spend. 


We know from our customers that as a program matures, brands need more sophisticated tools to help them optimize. This has been a huge focus for our product in 2020 – we’ve rolled out a bunch of enhancements to our powerful commissions’ suite including the ability to commission on multiple custom metrics in a single rule, giving more opportunity to target spend on the customer’s that really matter. 

But our biggest investment has been to completely rebuild our Analytics architecture to provide a truly future-proofed solution for our customers and partners. This work has taken 18 months, and on top of this, we have built a simple and powerful user interface, that makes understanding performance and optimization even easier. 

We are really excited to announce that the new Partnerize Analytics suite is now generally available, and we have already had hugely positive feedback from our customers during the beta program.

The new Partnerize Analytics UI

We weren’t the only ones who noticed all of the hard work above – we finished the year strong with winning the Best SaaS Platform at the 2020 International PMAs!

Here’s looking forward to a great 2021. 


Matt & The Product Team

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