10 Things Your Affiliate Network Can’t (or Won’t) Provide.

Jun 3, 2021

Product Marketing Manager

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Today’s digital marketing landscape is sophisticated and nuanced. Modern marketers rely on relationships that are built on the sturdy foundation of data-driven performance. Both sides of the equation—marketers and partners—have a piqued interest in leveraging affiliate marketing in a way that’s measurable and that can be proven to boost their digital efforts. Yet, legacy networks truly fail to deliver the tools and insights necessary to make it happen.

Case in point: Unlike legacy affiliate providers, Partnerize enables you to maximize the benefits of the channel with our end-to-end partnership management modules so you are better equipped to realize material growth and channel success. 

While there are many elements that set Partnerize apart from legacy providers, here are 10 features that your current affiliate network can’t (or won’t) provide:

  1. Automated, data-driven partner discovery: In today’s customer-led purchase journey, you need a cost-effective way to achieve omnipresence across the buyer journey. Partnerize’s Discover enables you to easily find and activate the most relevant partners with automated, right-fit partner recommendations as well as the ability to recruit partners from in the platform and beyond. 
  2. Sophisticated spend allocation tools: Do you have the ability to attribute conversions to specific partners based on consumer purchase journeys? Clicks that are first, last, or somewhere in between might warrant spend attribution and allocation based on what’s important to your brand. If you can’t assign value based on what’s important to you, it’s impossible to evolve beyond last click.
  3. Dynamic commissioning: Rewarding partners dynamically based on conversion attributes will not only incent partners to drive to your unique business goals, but also give you necessary control over your marketing spend. If you’ve taken a one-size-fits-all approach to partner payouts, you’re taking a rear-view approach to channel spend, rather than being proactive.
  4. Brand safety and protection: Protecting your brand integrity and marketing dollars from nefarious partner search activity is a necessity in the digital landscape. Protect is Partnerize’s “always-on” fraud detection and management solution delivering automated, AI-driven assurance of partner channel brand safety and cost control.
  5. Comprehensive performance analytics: Data-driven decisions require not only snapshots of channel performance, but also trended views that shine light on areas of opportunity and optimization. With Partnerize, you have easy access to real-time, actionable analytics for full visibility into partner performance–insight that powers you to quickly make data-driven decisions.
  6. Scalable, flexible tracking: Maximizing the benefits of the partner channel requires persistent and flexible tracking infrastructure. Marketers can easily implement Partnerize tracking solutions spanning first party, server to server, batch and mobile app tracking, alongside turnkey ecommerce plugins to capture unlimited data points across your partner ecosystem, and gain transparency into buyer journey activity.
  7. Global partner payments at scale: Executing payments to your most valuable partners in their desired currency and frequency is key to effective partner ecosystem management.  Pay powers automated payment processing and distribution for both you and your partners, enabling transaction reconciliation, invoice generation and streamlined international payment processing.
  8. Flexible pricing models: Marketers must be able to support their digital efforts with pricing structures that align with their competencies, growth plans and budgets. Pricing flexibility, or reconciliation, will only result in sustainable, high-performing partnerships for all relevant parties. 
  9. Integrated technology solutions: Winning marketers make data-driven spend allocation decisions based on the performance of their holistic digital mix. The Partnerize platform is API first and fully integrated with your preferred vendors for mobile, multi-touch and cross-channel attribution measurement, remarketing, personalization, ecommerce platforms, and tag management.
  10. Comprehensive service models: No two marketers are exactly alike– and neither are their approaches to achieve success in the partnership channel. That’s why each partnership service solution is tailored based on your level of need, to ensure that each client has the support necessary to exceed partner channel goals and aspirations, regardless of where you fall on the partner channel learning curve.


Interested in learning more about how Partnerize can help you maximize the benefits of the partnership channel? Get in touch at contact@partnerize.com.

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