Partnerships afford luxury brands high-end outcomes

Luxury brands are synonymous with exclusivity, quality, and prestige. They’ve cultivated an aura of rarity and opulence that sets them apart from other brands. While traditional advertising channels have been favored by luxury brands, the partnership channel presents a unique opportunity to reach new audiences and drive sales by maximizing awareness for the luxury brand

Inside Titan’s strategy to disrupt the casket industry

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Maura Smith, CMO at Partnerize, said that brand virality often helps catapult a startup brand into the public consciousness, which can then be parlayed into other channels like influencer mentions and publisher affiliate reviews.

Lucky Brand

Download our case study to learn how Lucky Brand partnered with MERGE to expand its partnership program on the Partnerize platform to deliver high-converting traffic and high-quality revenue.

State Of Affiliate

A range of sources across the affiliate space finds the measurement issue the industry’s biggest challenge to getting performance and affiliate greater respect.

U.S. Retail Affiliate Marketing Sales Index

Download the U.S. Retail Affiliate Marketing Sales Index to gain monthly revenue trends, drivers of monthly revenue growth, monthly commission trends, revenue growth by advertiser vertical, plus much more!

Holiday Stats 2022: Cyber 5

Partnerize continues its holiday shopping season performance report series with one of the most anticipated times of the year, or the key shopping days known as Cyber 5.

Singles’ Day 2022: What to Expect

For Partnerize’s part, as each unique holiday shopping day unfolds, new data and insights emerge that can inform both ours and our clients’ and partners’ holiday strategy and execution plans. Here is 2021’s Singles’ Day performance across Partnerize and using YoY data (11.11.20-11.11.21).