Be a Holiday Hero: 2022 Q4 Partnership Playbook

Partnerize’s Be a Holiday Hero: 2022 Q4 Partnership Playbook is a holiday shopping prep guide that puts you on track to maximize this year’s unprecedented holiday shopping season.
Inside, we’ll detail 10 pro tips for making the most of your partner program to set yourself up for success in Q4 and beyond.

Singles’ Day 2022: What to Expect

For Partnerize’s part, as each unique holiday shopping day unfolds, new data and insights emerge that can inform both ours and our clients’ and partners’ holiday strategy and execution plans. Here is 2021’s Singles’ Day performance across Partnerize and using YoY data (11.11.20-11.11.21).

Walmart explores matchmaker marketplace for social media influencers

With influencer marketing expected to become a $16.4B industry this year, everyone is looking for a piece of the action. “Walmart wants to capitalize on advertisers’ moves to spend more of their budgets on “the creator economy,” said Partnerize CEO, Matt Gilbert.