MyAmexShop AU by PerformID

MyAmexShop AU is an official loyalty program for American Express Cardholders in Australia whereby cardholders receive premium credit back rewards from their favourite domestic & international brands.

Elevating the Shopping Experience for American Express Cardholders!

MyAmexShop Australia offers merchants a unique opportunity to connect with a premium and engaged customer base. By partnering with MyAmexShop, merchants can provide exclusive credit back rewards to American Express cardholders, enhancing brand visibility and driving sales without resorting to public discounts. This innovative platform leverages cutting-edge A-CLO (Affiliate-led Card Linking) technology, utilising affiliate links and last-click attribution to maximise impact, efficiency and ease for participating partner brands.

MyAmexShop Australia delivers extraordinary credit back rewards tailored to the sophisticated tastes of American Express cardholders. MyAmexShop's structure revolves around private partnerships between American Express and participating brands, ensuring credit back offers are perceived differently from standard discounts. This approach maintains brand integrity while offering substantial rewards to cardholders. By funding the reward through payments directly to American Express cardmembers, partners avoid direct discounts with customers, preserving product value and reinforcing the premium branding of American Express.

Designed for user convenience, MyAmexShop Australia is accessible exclusively to Australian-based American Express credit card holders. The platform is easy to navigate, allowing cardholders to find and activate offers seamlessly. The programme includes a wide array of merchants from various sectors, such as high-end fashion, travel, dining, and everyday essentials, enabling cardholders to maximise their rewards across all spending categories online. For Australian American Express cardholders, MyAmexShop is an essential part of their premium lifestyle, delivering ongoing value and unparalleled shopping experiences. This innovative platform sets a new standard for customer engagement and satisfaction.

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Jorge Gonzalez
Partnership Manager
Alex Short
Managing Director

Partner Types

  • Cashback

Partner Verticals

  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Services
  • Travel

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Customer Base

Private and secure partnership with American Express Credit Card Holders in Australia.

Awards Won

GPMA 2x 2022 & 1x 2023, Rakuten GLA 2x 2021 & 1x 2022, PMWA 2022, TDAA 2023