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Klay Media’s audience encompasses over 300K unique visits/month seeking business advice, where the average reader’s income is over $120K and engage with more than 15% of C-suite executives.

Klay Media is a leading digital commerce solution helping publishers expand their organic reach through expert, SEO-driven content.

We offer a fully-integrated solution that seamlessly partners with publishers, driving growth through a combination of expert content, world-class onsite experience and premium brand affiliate deals.

Our mission is to deliver a tailored and comprehensive commerce strategy that transforms your online presence and maximizes your earning potential, all while maintaining your brand identity.

Our team of SEO thought leaders, content creators, and partnership managers have successfully activated and optimized more than $100 million in media across some of the biggest names in the industry.

With strategic brand and publisher partnerships, we develop hyper-targeted commerce strategies that increase audience and establish a diverse, sustainable revenue source. We have expertise in a wide breadth of categories and develop tailored commerce strategies that are perfect for your audience. 

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Partnerships Manager

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