Harvesting Success: A Look at Client Performance Pre-Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Day on the Partnerize Platform


VP of Data & Analytics

For the past few years, the days leading up to Thanksgiving and the monumental day itself mark an exhilarating time for retailers and e-commerce brands alike. For clients using the Partnerize platform to manage their partnership programs, the period from November 1st to November 23rd encapsulated a whirlwind of activity and success. Through the platform’s sophisticated tools and analytics, our clients capitalized on consumer enthusiasm, orchestrating engaging promotions and campaigns that resonated powerfully with the holiday. This resulted in an impressive surge in conversions and sales, cementing the significance of the Thanksgiving holiday as a monumental time in the peak shopping calendar.


And just like last year, in the frantic race to capture consumers’ attention and purchases before the Thanksgiving holiday, our clients witnessed an impressive surge in performance. The days leading up to Thanksgiving, commonly referred to as the Pre-Thanksgiving period, unfolded as a strategic battleground for brands vying to secure their share of the holiday shopping pie.


Globally, same store client revenue grew 12% YoY between November 1st and November 23rd, a whopping 19% YoY in the four days before Thanksgiving day, and a solid 7% YoY on Thanksgiving day across the Partnerize platform. Specifically, in the retail vertical, revenue grew 13% YoY during this same time and 20% YoY in the four days leading up to Thanksgiving, and a respectable 3% on Thanksgiving Day.









In the Americas within the retail vertical, client revenue grew 16% YoY between November 1st and November 23rd with a 32% YoY increase in the four days leading to Thanksgiving day and a 12% YoY increase on Thanksgiving.











In EMEA, retail client revenue grew 14% YoY between November 1st and November 23rd and grew 12% YoY in the four days leading to Thanksgiving Day. Revenue declined by 3% YoY on Thanksgiving Day in EMEA, which makes sense given Thanksgiving is a national holiday largely recognized in North America.











Revenue was flat in the APAC region for retailers between November 1st and November 23rd but increased 7% YoY in the four days leading to Thanksgiving Day.












While YoY revenue decreased on Thanksgiving Day across the platform in some regions, it is largely observed that consumers are holding back spending until Black Friday, and we will be reporting on cyber weekend performance shortly so stay tuned!



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