Automated Conversion Optimization with Partnerize x UpSellit Integration


Director of Product Marketing

Marketers need to optimize every possible touchpoint to increase consumers’ propensity to convert. And, with 90% of US digital consumers finding generic messaging to be “annoying”, it’s imperative that these touchpoints are personalized to each individual consumer. In fact, 44% of consumers would switch to a competitor for a more personalized experience. 

Delivering a personalized experience to each consumer journey presents brands with an insurmountable challenge: how to combat the rising cost of customer acquisition, inclusive of reengagement activities, while still ensuring a high-quality, customized consumer experience? The answer lies in the ability to automate a cross-channel, personalized consumer experience using an outcome-based payment model.

Partnerize enables marketers to effortlessly implement personalized cross-channel touchpoints with UpSellit, the latest addition to our integrated technology solution ecosystem. UpSellit is a remarketing and retargeting provider that designs, develops and optimizes personalized conversion experiences for brands. Their award-winning technology enables marketers to automate the traditionally manual task of consumer journey optimization and add value to every site visit. UpSellit’s suite of remarketing and retargeting solutions includes on-site abandonment strategies, lead capture, dynamic promotional messaging, behavior-based recommendations and inventory alerts—all turnkey for Partnerize brands. 

Partnerize’s simplified UpSellit integration enables brands to:

  • Automate data-driven conversion campaigns with personalized reengagement tactics across the buyer journey on a pay-for-performance model.
  • Support new customer acquisition with one-to-one email remarketing
  • Drive revenue growth using cross-channel touchpoints that recover otherwise lost prospective customers. 
  • Create urgency with dynamic remarketing messages such as price fluctuations, low stock alerts, dynamic promos, and behavior-based product recommendations.

With easily-implemented personalization solutions, Partnerize brands can easily avoid generic, catchall messaging strategies in favor of automated, one-to-one experiences with their consumers. 

Partnerize brands can expedite launch of UpSellit’s conversion optimization functionality by contacting their account team. To learn more about UpSellit’s capabilities, visit