Last year, Partnerize curated the industry’s first ever, 24-hour event dedicated to partnership marketing, Global Partnership Day (GPD). It was an instant hit that further fueled our desire to deliver the industry’s premier partnership event beginning with Partnership Day NYC on Wednesday, September 21st.

Virtual space is extremely limited, so please register quickly to avoid missing out on informative sessions from eMarketer, Joseph Jaffe, panels from leading partners, plus more!


11:00am – 11:45am EDT

12:45pm – 1:45pm

Networking Lunch

4:40 – 5:00pm

Closing Remarks


Joseph Jaffe Keynote

Before the pandemic hit, Joseph Jaffe was a global keynote speaker, where he has spoken in over 50 countries on subjects relating to and around his 5 books: Life after the 30-second spot, Join the Conversation, Flip the Funnel, Z.E.R.O. and most recently, “Built to Suck: The Inevitable Demise of the Corporation…and how to save it?”

…but when COVID hit, he pivoted and reinvented himself. He focused on what he knew best: creating content and helping people. CoronaTV was born and after almost 400 guests including Jamal Mashburn, James Rollins, Seth Godin, Tom Peters, Carole Baskin, Baratunde Thurston, Dr Robin DiAngelo and much more, he relaunched the show as “Joseph Jaffe is not Famous.”

And as if 2020 wasn’t challenging enough, he found out through a routine physical that he needed open heart surgery in 2021. 3 Infections, a second surgery and 4 hospital stays later, he got COVID.

2021 wasn’t all bad. In March of 2021, Joseph launched his very own crypto creator coin, the $JAFFE on the exchange. Find out more at

Then in 2022, Jaffe took it up a notch. He launched Alpha Collective, a premium community that helps corporate executives and crypto degens partner and win at the business of Web3. Jaffe has since NFT’ed himself and only transacts now via NFT. He is also launching the world’s first completely NFT-powered book, “Forever Changed: How a Global Pandemic changed my direction, my purpose, and my life.” All contributors and even readers will receive royalties.

Joseph is also an Adjunct Professor at NYU

Find him at @jaffejuice on the socials (and Peloton)

Executive Session

Moderator: Greg Coleman

Executive Panel “Prioritizing Partnerships: What’s It Going to Take?”

Despite existing for over two decades, affiliate marketing has never been recognized or prioritized in comparison to its counterparts in search, social and  programmatic display. The transactional, and largely last-click nature of the channel, long perpetuated discount-driven behaviors of brands and consumers alike, fueling the channel’s somewhat inconsequential reputation. Recent research indicates that affiliate marketing investment hit $9.1B in 2021, supporting a 47% increase in spend growth since 2018 but despite this growth, it still only contributed to 2.79% of all digital spend in the U.S. For those of us who champion the channel’s efficiency and efficacy in realizing profitable growth, this is simply not acceptable–and it certainly won’t propel the channel to where it needs (and deserves) to be. And while mixed marketer perceptions regarding the channel have contributed to the reluctance in channel adoption, there are other serious factors at play and for the channel to truly elevate and be widely recognized and embraced for all of its value, major actions–and responsibilities–must be taken by those who have the power and wherewithal to do just that.

eMarketer presentation “Affiliate Marketing in 2022: The strategies of a new normal”

COVID-19 and its aftermath helped power affiliate marketing to very healthy growth, and looming economic challenges figure to give it another jolt. But hurdles remain in its path to becoming a critical channel in the digital ad landscape.eMarketer Senior Analyst, Max Willens, will walk through how affiliate marketing’s recent growth compares to digital channels and how it tracks to shifting consumer behaviors. He’ll examine how recent trends within the industry including brands using affiliate to drive upper and lower funnel KPIs, consumers’ growing comfort with affiliate marketing, are (and aren’t) helping move the channel closer to the middle of the conversation about digital ad spending.

Brand Panel “How Brands Win with Affiliate Amid Challenging Environments”

Since early 2020, the partnership/affiliate channel has experienced a significant surge in both interest and performance perhaps attributable to a perfect storm of macro and micro influences including the global pandemic, ITP (the limiting of cross-site tracking), possible recessions, and a fair degree of political and civil unrest. Yet the efficiency and efficacy of this channel have long been established before any of these factors reared their heads. But perhaps it took a deluge of unfortunate circumstances to shine light on just how effective this channel is in turning advertising expense into profit while making winners out of brands who would otherwise be swimming against tides in such downturns. Watch this panel moderated by Partnerize VP of Customer Solutions, Amber Sweeney, featuring Jim Wendt, Manager eCommerce & Direct to Consumer, Coffee Bean, DTC retail veteran, Melissa Salas Director of Marketing at Shop Premium Outlets, and Independent Consultant Amie Hansen, as she discusses what makes affiliate uniquely positioned to help brands win during challenging climates.

Agency Panel “What is the Cost of Underestimating the Affiliate Channel?”

When it comes to day-to-day and big-picture affiliate and partnership management, for many brands, outsourcing is the method that makes the most sense for their business. Yet some of digital’s biggest managing agencies have historically deprioritized the channel in their managing portfolio prompting the question: Why? Perhaps they feel affiliate isn’t worth the investment or maybe they’re waiting for bigger brands to ask for help running their programs. It may even be that they lack the expertise necessary to execute channel management effectively. Whatever the reason, this perceived “deprioritization” could prove a counterintuitive move as recent industry research establishes that affiliate marketing investment drove $71B in eCommerce in 2021 alone. Watch this panel discussion moderated by Founder of Weiss Consulting, Adam Weiss, featuring Jade Mayberry from dentsu, David James Stewart of Matterkind, and Patricia Marange from Neo Media World, as they explore whether bigger agencies are deprioritizing the channel and what all this means for the industry.

Partner Panel “The Most Effective Partnership Strategies Go Full-Funnel”

One of the most popular questions (and overall channel misconceptions) inside of partnerships, surrounds partner diversification and optimization. And while most people are familiar with last-click partners often known as closers as well as tippy-top funnel partners known as introducers, they are often unaware of how partners can be tapped and positioned for success at every part of the funnel. A seemingly elusive concept, adopting a full-funnel approach is actually a sturdy cornerstone to any affiliate/partnership program. But how do you truly add value across all the phases of the consumer journey? Join Afterpay, Ziff Davis, Lolli, Forbes and Partnerize for a panel discussion that highlights the real value that partners can play at every phase of the consumer conversion journey

St. Jude presentation “Partnering for a Cause”

We talk a lot about how partnerships can transform a marketer’s entire trajectory, taking them from good enough to excellence. As industry experts, we know well the impact this can have on a business. It could be life changing. We also know that there’s more to reap from meaningful partnerships than monetary benefits. That is why Partnerize has spent years partnering with St. Jude to both give back and to help create awareness about the life-changing impact that one partnership really can have. Join St. Jude’s, Kevin O’Brien, at PDNYC for a quick session on how even the smallest gesture can have the biggest effect on the life of a child.