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Cheddar is a payment and rewards app for students that helps retailers attract new customers and retain existing ones by offering targeted promotions based on banking data.

We drive highly motivated shoppers to your webshop, ready to spend. Giftomatic inspires highly motivated shoppers with great products. In our Blog we write content about the best gifts to give in any situation and our Partner Network (invite-only) consists of Premium niche websites that are powered by our Product Discovery tools such our Product search engine.

With Giftomatic you can:
• Reach millions of shoppers
• Drive traffic and additional sales
• Showcase your product range with premium positions

Giftomatic excels at presenting consumers with the right product at the decision making moment. We write fun and engaging Gift giving guides and help consumers spend their gift card. Our tools learn from group/personal behaviour, and starts recommending products that fit the consumers’ wants. All the while it optimises for conversion and driving up average spend at the same time, creating additional value for you as a brand.

It’s easy to take a test drive. All we need to start is approval for your affiliate program. After which we will integrate your product feed.

Be sure to download our mediakit for Q4/Black Friday to find out how this works and to learn more about the premium possibilities we have.

Next steps

Do you think [Name] would make a great partner on your campaign, if so here’s the next steps. You can reach out to the [Name] team directly, or find them in Partner Discovery in the platform with their Partnerize Partner ID: [ID / Username].

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