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When it all started, affiliate marketing was a niche --  a flavor of sales promotion that some brands used to drive modest incremental sales. But today, partner marketing plays a central role in the go-to-market strategy of many of the world’s great brands.

In fact, an analysis of Fortune Magazine’s Top 100 Global Brands showed that :

  • Every brand on the list had business partners. 100 out of 100.
  • 68 of the brands had performance-based business partnership programs in place.

  • 40% of companies with performance programs have a business relationship with Partnerize.

Our focus is to help the world’s largest brands get the most out of the partner channel, in whatever form their partnerships may take.


Partnerships take many forms. Legacy affiliate network business models simply don’t have the flexibility to meet the unique needs of many partner programs. Partnerize Partner Management Platform (PMP) is a flexible, customizable software solution that gives you direct, real-time access to partners and data, and can accommodate most any performance-based partnership business model.


Our PMP offers richer and more comprehensive data than partner networks. You can track and measure any event and deliver rich parameters that can be invaluable for meta search-based targeting. In addition to a flexible and customizable dashboard, Partnerize also offers best-of-breed APIs so you can integrate your data into existing BI platforms, attribution tools, and commerce back-ends. Further, we give your company and team access to your campaign and performance information in real-time. You can understand the performance of your programs more quickly, and optimize on the fly.


Replace all of your manual reporting and network Excel files with the centralized web-based Partnerize reporting suite. Marketers can manage commissions and relationships directly in the platform. And instead of burdening your Finance organization with the challenge of managing transactions and payments, Partnerize can handle that for you, across 214 countries and territories, in 60 currencies.


Hundreds of the world’s great brands rely on the Partnerize Partner Management Platform (PMP) to manage partner channel programs, relationships, analytics and payments. In fact, Partnerize PMP is a leader in providing partner management services in a variety of categories.

"Partnerize has given us the flexibility to effectively monitor our global performance and the opportunity to expand the level at which we can market our products."

George Gray
Global Acquisition, Online Partnership Manager
British Airways

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