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“Partnerize has been an important part of the evolution of our Affiliate Marketing program, helping to facilitate strong relationships with key partners. As a direct result of our work together, we’ve seen a significant uplift in revenue of over 20% since implementation.”
Adam Jacobs
Managing Director & Co-Founder
The Iconic
“Not only have we seen exceptional growth through the Partnerize platform, we’ve seen extraordinary cost savings too. For RedBalloon, the partnerships channel has provided a lower average CPA and a return on ad spend of 17:1.”
Nicola Cooke
Head of Digital & Ecommerce
“Overall, Partnerize has been superb and unproblematic. It has gone beyond what we’ve needed and we’ve received excellent support on all levels. I am excited at the opportunity of what more we can do moving forward to develop our insights and campaign development.”
Drew Ascough
Leader - Performance Media & Analytics
Virgin Australia
"Partnerize gave us a great solution to customise the dynamic campaigns across different partners and regions, and helped facilitate our various A/B testings. Managing our partners has become easier thanks to the incredible team at Partnerize. They are ever-evolving with the product and support in terms of value-add to their service; Partnerize always goes that extra mile."
Mahi Singh
Regional Head - Affiliates
“HP’s Partner Marketing Program has seen phenomenal growth in the past few quarters, all thanks to our partners for their continued commitment and ongoing support. This space has huge potential and we look forward to making the most of it.”
Paromita Mitra
Head of Ecommerce Marketing