Do Your Partner Programs Measure Up?  Find Out with the  Partnerize Benchmarker

"Partnerize has given Dealcha direct access to some of the world's leading brands. Having such a direct relationship has allowed us to better guide these global brands with our deep understanding of the nuances of the Thai market. Those close relationships have made us a true strategic partner for these clients. In addition, the transparency that Partnerize provides has enabled us to accelerate growth, better optimize our campaigns, and ultimately grow our bottom line."
Sebastien Le Bihan
“Partnerize is easy-to-use and has reduced our man power in managing roles. The reporting functions have been easily integrated with our internal systems. We can now build the bridge between Chinese consumers and Australian brands.”
Jane Meng
International Business Director
“Moving to Partnerize has been amazing for Fanli. Their tracking technology is far more accurate and they work with many premium advertisers who are in demand through Fanli. Also, the transparent data reporting is so much better than the sub-networks.”
Miao Fan
Client Support Director
“Working with Partnerize has been a breath of fresh air. Their robust yet dynamic technology means that our partnerships can be more efficient and meaningful in driving performance. Add to this, the APAC team’s passion for identifying and building connections between brands and it’s easy to see how Partnerize has enjoyed so much success in this region already. We look forward to sharing more of these successes with the team in the future.”
Verity Beard
Head of ShopStyle Australia
“Having direct relationships with the brands we work with makes life a lot easier. Being able to communicate directly with advertisers not only saves a lot of time, but also allows us to optimize performance and get the most out of the relationship. The support we’ve received from Partnerize has been excellent. After a one-on-one training session with the Client Services Team I had a full understanding of the platform, meaning I can now easily access data and run reports each time I login.”
Jessica Rayner
Head of Partnerships