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"The Partnerize tracking platform is very impressive in its reporting flexibility and functionality. Real-time pivoting empowers the marketer to manipulate data on the fly to see which campaigns are performing, what products are moving, and which markets are succeeding. The platform also provides the ability to maneuver across different currencies, which enables the global retailer to have a fully instantaneous understanding of all markets."
Carolyn Tang Kmet
All Inclusive Marketing
"The Partnerize platform gives us access to a range of exciting features that allow us to do more for our clients. With Partnerize we have access to granular reporting and data as well as a central platform for managing creative. This enables us to offer bespoke creative to our key partners and provides significant time savings. The platform allows us to easily manage relationships and manage our client's partner program in a more efficient way"
Maggie Li
Media Associate Director
"Partnerize has given us the flexibility to effectively monitor our global performance and the opportunity to expand the level at which we can market our products."
George Gray
Global Acquisition, Online Partnership Manager
British Airways
“The Partnerize team are high calibre market leading experts, with a wealth of knowledge to support the Cashrewards team through new advertiser set ups and migrations from affiliate networks. Moving to Partnerize has been amazing for Cashrewards; their tracking technology is far more accurate and they work with many premium advertisers that are in demand through Cashrewards.”
Andrew Clarke
Managing Director
"The transparency on both sides means we are all on the same page with real-time results. Clients can easily empower us to optimize activity and take ownership for the results against the targets they set."
Oliver Mistry
Compare TV
"The high-level customer insights and actionable data provided by Partnerize really help us to maximize the best saving opportunities for our customers around the globe. Thanks to the transparent and ultra-professional commitment and enthusiasm of the Partnerize teams – within all the countries we partner – we are able to enhance our processes in the best possible way."
Dr. Adrian Renner
Co-Founder and Managing Director
"Partnerize has given Dealcha direct access to some of the world's leading brands. Having such a direct relationship has allowed us to better guide these global brands with our deep understanding of the nuances of the Thai market. Those close relationships have made us a true strategic partner for these clients. In addition, the transparency that Partnerize provides has enabled us to accelerate growth, better optimize our campaigns, and ultimately grow our bottom line."
Sebastien Le Bihan
“Moving to Partnerize has been amazing for Fanli. Their tracking technology is far more accurate and they work with many premium advertisers who are in demand through Fanli. Also, the transparent data reporting is so much better than the sub-networks.”
Miao Fan
Client Support Director
“With Partnerize we are able to identify opportunities and react to them. The platform not only helps you perform day-to-day tasks, but also provides in-depth analysis that is very clear and can be easily incorporated into your digital marketing strategy. It can significantly improve your performance.”
Arnaud Lachaise
Digital Performance Specialist
"Beyond having the best platform in the market, Partnerize’s brilliant customer service team mean we can respond to client and partner requests rapidly and accurately – we recommend them whole heartedly."
Connor Blakey
Affiliate Marketing Manager
Glass Digital
“HP’s Partner Marketing Program has seen phenomenal growth in the past few quarters, all thanks to our partners for their continued commitment and ongoing support. This space has huge potential and we look forward to making the most of it.”
Paromita Mitra
Head of Ecommerce Marketing
"At InfoChoice, our vision is to be the No. 1 performance-based comparator of financial products. We see Partnerize as a partner who can help us realize that vision."
Jon Savaris
General Manager
Info Choice
"Through the partnership between iPrice and Partnerize, some of the world's largest brands are getting access to Southeast Asia's consumer base at scale. Partnerize's technology has allowed iPrice to drive more sales for the advertisers we work with and their Strategic Partnerships Director has helped us to get the most from the platform."
Rishabh Shukla
Head of Account Management
“The Parternize system is intuitive and easy to use, with deeper insights to help with campaign management and overall development of our clients' programs, whilst the staff are supportive, responsive and a pleasure to work with and overall a great team. Partnerize understands how important it is to work collaboratively to meet the client's goals and are innovating their technology to support our clients and our partnerships needs.”
Emily Do
Digital Performance Director
"Of all the affiliate platforms we’ve integrated our advanced and automated cashback solution with, we’ve found Partnerize to be one of the best platforms. The APIs are sane, the platform is stable and the team have been very proactive, helpful and willing to share knowledge and insights. As a publisher, we’re very happy with the Partnerize team and their technology."
Mats Staugaard
CEO & Founder
"Working with Partnerize has successfully allowed KLM to take our global partner program in-house. This is broadening our strategy and commissioning options and allowing us to create one-to-one partner marketing strategies."
Alicia Solis
Affiliate Marketing Manager
"Kudos to the Partnerize team. They were always available. The transition was incredibly smooth."
Mel Taylor
Head of Partner Development
Linfield Media
"There are tangible benefits when working with Partnerize. The real-time data is invaluable and helps us to be able to plan and optimize better than we have been able to before."
Helen Thomas
Senior Partnership Manager
"Partnerize really stand out. From the outset, they have been proactive, helpful and dedicated to providing meaningful solutions. Secondly, their unique data insights have the potential to upgrade the world of performance marketing."
Tarun Gidoomal
Co-Managing Director, UK Office
Next Jump
"Just gathering more data is useless without being able to report it concisely and effectively, and I’m now in a position to get better insights, more frequently, on how my campaigns are driving conversions."
Keith Mason
Point Hacks
"Even though we are one of their smaller clients, the team jump on any queries, demo requests, even technical alterations. They are extremely personable, proactive and helpful, and I couldn't recommend them more."
Alex Harrington-Griffin
Strategic Partnerships Manager
"The dedicated operational support we receive from the Partnerize team is so refreshing to see. It makes a change for a partner to value the Publisher as much as they value the Advertisers and to be open in implementing new ways of working. The Partnerize team cannot do enough for us and are always on standby if we have any queries or feedback for further development."
Natalie Portman
Head of Client Operations
“Having direct relationships with the brands we work with makes life a lot easier. Being able to communicate directly with advertisers not only saves a lot of time, but also allows us to optimize performance and get the most out of the relationship. The support we’ve received from Partnerize has been excellent. After a one-on-one training session with the Client Services Team I had a full understanding of the platform, meaning I can now easily access data and run reports each time I login.”
Jessica Rayner
Head of Partnerships
“Not only have we seen exceptional growth through the Partnerize platform, we’ve seen extraordinary cost savings too. For RedBalloon, the partnerships channel has provided a lower average CPA and a return on ad spend of 17:1.”
Nicola Cooke
Head of Digital & Ecommerce
"Working with Partnerize has allowed Sainsbury's to drive year-on-year growth with our affiliate program. Everything from migration, on-going support to tech development has been perfect."
Dave Smith
Digital Acquisition & Search Manager
"Partnerize enabled us to consolidate all of our activity in a single real-time dashboard across affiliates and aggregators. This dramatically reduced the admin requirements, allowing us to focus on strategy, communication and relationships."
Ryan Willis
Head of Digital Acquisition & Loyalty
“Working with Partnerize has been a breath of fresh air. Their robust yet dynamic technology means that our partnerships can be more efficient and meaningful in driving performance. Add to this, the APAC team’s passion for identifying and building connections between brands and it’s easy to see how Partnerize has enjoyed so much success in this region already. We look forward to sharing more of these successes with the team in the future.”
Verity Bear
Head of ShopStyle Australia
“Partnerize is easy-to-use and has reduced our man power in managing roles. The reporting functions have been easily integrated with our internal systems. We can now build the bridge between Chinese consumers and Australian brands.”
Jane Meng
International Business Director
"Partnerize has helped us on the journey of building stronger strategic partnerships that lets us optimise and remunerate fairly across our diverse network. Partnerize provides flexible commission structures solutions that allows us to leverage our 1st party data in ways that is not possible with many other vendors. It's exciting to be able to sculpt your data suited to your business needs then reward your partners on that performance."
Andrew Varley
Head of Digital Acquisition
Tatts Group
“Partnerize has been an important part of the evolution of our Affiliate Marketing program, helping to facilitate strong relationships with key partners. As a direct result of our work together, we’ve seen a significant uplift in revenue of over 20% since implementation.”
Adam Jacobs
Managing Director & Co-Founder
The Iconic
"Partnerize capture an unlimited amount of data parameters in real time, which is pivotal in understanding the transactional behavior of our customers as well as providing key customer insight."
Charlotte Dawson
Partnership Manager
Travel Supermarket
Working with Partnerize has facilitated Trend Micro's rollout across key markets.
Jorg Gammanick
Online Marketing Director - EMEA region
Trend Micro
“Overall, Partnerize has been superb and unproblematic. It has gone beyond what we’ve needed and we’ve received excellent support on all levels. I am excited at the opportunity of what more we can do moving forward to develop our insights and campaign development.”
Drew Ascough
Leader - Performance Media & Analytics
Virgin Australia
"Partnerize gave us a great solution to customise the dynamic campaigns across different partners and regions, and helped facilitate our various A/B testings. Managing our partners has become easier thanks to the incredible team at Partnerize. They are ever-evolving with the product and support in terms of value-add to their service; Partnerize always goes that extra mile."
Mahi Singh
Regional Head - Affiliates
“Transforming ZUJI’s digital marketing channels across APAC was number one on my agenda. The first step to a successful transformation was for us to start doing things differently. To achieve this, ZUJI began working with partners directly, utilizing Partnerize as the platform of choice. The ability to have full transparency on partner performance and access to rich, actionable data enables us to drive optimal growth across our program. Ultimately, working with Partnerize allows us to utilize data as the cornerstone of every performance marketing decision we make, to better empower our customers.”
Samuel Goh
Head of Digital Performance