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“Publishers that are expanding rapidly with a global footprint need a robust platform that supports and caters to their every need and Partnerize is just that. Globally, Dealmoon will always have Partnerize as its preferred partnerships platform due to a culmination of factors -- their technology and dashboard, support received and the depth of knowledge of their team compared to other providers in the market.”
James Coggles
Director, Client Partnerships UK & EU
"By working with Partnerize and taking a more proactive and data-driven approach to the category, we have driven strong improvements in sales and growth rates. This has enabled us to extend our focus of innovation into this high-growth sales channel."
Kristy LoSapio
Manager of Affiliate Marketing
"We aren’t just building an affiliate program. We are building a community of businesses that are equally passionate about the rewarding experience that learning an instrument provides."
Ethan Kaplan
General Manager
Fender Digital
"Partnerize has given Dealcha direct access to some of the world's leading brands. Having such a direct relationship has allowed us to better guide these global brands with our deep understanding of the nuances of the Thai market. Those close relationships have made us a true strategic partner for these clients. In addition, the transparency that Partnerize provides has enabled us to accelerate growth, better optimize our campaigns, and ultimately grow our bottom line."
Sebastien Le Bihan
“Partnerize is easy-to-use and has reduced our man power in managing roles. The reporting functions have been easily integrated with our internal systems. We can now build the bridge between Chinese consumers and Australian brands.”
Jane Meng
International Business Director