We Want to Hear From You: Introducing Partnerize Product Feedback

Jul 6, 2021

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Have a product idea? Or perhaps you’d like to help guide our product development. Collaborate and vote on Partnerize product updates.

Partnerize has five core values. At the top of that list is to put the customer first, always. Customer centricity is a part of our DNA as we believe that embodying a customer-centric model ensures we are offering our customers a positive, worthwhile experience. This core belief drives our business, people, and ultimately the development of the Partnerize platform. 

That is why Partnerize takes product feedback seriously. Customer feedback is integral to our product ideation and creation process. Our success is contingent on our clients’ success. To help you execute your strategies and goals we must understand your product feedback, ideas, pain points, and opportunities so that you can get more value from the Partnerize platform. 

Have you ever wondered about the efficacy of feedback models? In a recent survey, Pendo found that after implementing a feedback model, 53% of surveyed customers saw 11-25% decreased product team time dedicated to analyzing feedback. This allowed product teams to spend more time building the products customers love. This is why we are rolling out Product Feedback, an easy to use in-app form and portal to simplify the feedback and suggestion process. With Product Feedback, it is effortless to submit your ideas, vote for similar feedback others have already submitted, manage and prioritize your requests, and facilitate communication and collaboration with our Product Team. Additionally, it provides insight and transparency into what feedback we are reviewing, planning, actively building, and have released. Partnerize is committed to building a world class product that provides end-to-end partnership automation and diversification across the partnership ecosystem; we want you to help us make our product better.

How will it work? 

Inspiration moves you brightly and you think of a game-changing feature that isn’t currently available in Partnerize. Launch the feedback form in the platform by clicking the Resource Center (lightbulb) found in the top right of the UI, select Product Feedback and fill out the form. You’ll be presented with existing feedback if your request is similar to one that another client already made. Vote for pre-existing entries and add your own comments if they are a match as feedback with more votes may receive higher priority. In the event that your suggestion is unique, proceed with filling out the fields. Once you submit, the Partnerize Product Team will review, respond, and assign it a status like “Awaiting Feedback” where we can gauge if there is interest from other clients. That is why it is so important to vote for existing requests!


You can access the Product Feedback Portal right from the request form. The Product Feedback Portal is your dashboard where you can manage all of the requests you have submitted or voted for. Prioritize your feedback so we know what is most important to you and review what is coming or has been released.

Partnerize believes strongly that marketers’ needs should dictate everything, and that includes feedback that contributes to the direction of the platform. However, while Product Feedback is designed for brand users at this time, please note that partners should reach out directly to their partnership manager to provide their ideas. Brands should review our Product Feedback Policy for more details on how Product Feedback works and click the Resource Center lightbulb to launch Product Feedback and start collaborating today!


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