Performance Marketing Review: Commuter Commerce, Data Hogging, SAP XM

May 23, 2016
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Good morning! For today’s roundup of performance marketing and digital marketing industry news, reports and insights, we found a few items to kick off the week.

How Can OOH Drive Mobile Commerce?

As reported in HuffPost Business, the m-commerce market continues to grow at a rapid rate with the UK projected to spend £54bn via mobile devices by 2024. Mobile ad measurement is something we think about all the time. Digital advertising is an obvious catalyst, but out-of-home (OOH) is playing its part too, and this role is consistently increasing in importance. A good example of OOH directly driving m-commerce can be seen in the changing behaviour of commuters and rail users. ‘Commuter commerce’ now accounts for £9.3bn of UK online sales per year.

Publishers Won’t Guarantee Views for Heavy Ads

PerformanceIN reports that publishers are willing to take a firm stand and refuse to give view guarantees to advertisers serving content-heavy ads on their pages. Publishers are worried that big ads slowing down the load time might push more people to use ad blockers – tools which have been tipped to cost digital publishers almost £19 billion by 2020. As ad blockers remain a major issue for the digital ad industry, experts have also advised a focus on improving the targeting and overall quality of ads.

The Truth About Cross-Device Data Quality

In a recent AdExchanger Data-Driven Thinking column, John Dempsey, senior director of mobile, Oracle Data Cloud asks: “How many of your IDs are deterministic and how many are probabilistic?” He argues that for companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter, an email address alone can be good enough because it’s more likely to be “you” when using their services. But when it comes to the open web, which relies on demand-side platforms and exchanges, a much higher standard is required.

And for probably the biggest news this week…AdExchanger reported

SAP Unveils DSP and DMP Called Exchange Media

SAP entered the digital advertising market this week, creating a DSP and DMP from scratch it’s dubbing SAP Exchange Media (XM). Wolfgang Faisst, co-founder and head of SAP XM, acknowledged that despite an ecosystem of “thousands of ad tech companies,” SAP decided to step up because of demand for end-to-end integration.

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